Someday, I will run for President..... Pastor Tunde Bakare

By OMA | 02-01-2018 | Religion |  

Grand Return.

Tunde B.

I still dont get the tangent at which Religion intercepts with Politics but from time immemorial man has always interwoven Politics and Religion.

Religion is meeting with Politics again at an intercept as the senior Pastor Latter Rain Assembly Pastor Tunde Bakare revealed Jan 1st at the Cross over service in the church at Ogba, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria that he would still be running for President federal republic of Nigeria but was not specific if it were to be 2019 or not as God said to him that it would be in "Due course of time".

A little extract from Pastor Bakares address to the church reads thus:

“I heard the Lord say to me, politics is not over for you, there is still one thing left for you to do; run for president,”

“And He said to me, I will work it out myself. I will make it happen in due course. Please trust me, I lie not in the Holy Ghost. This is not easy for me to share with you. I shared this with you, so that you can pray along with me"

We at could only wish the Pastor All the Best.