Modele Fatoyinbo in a Delima

By OMA | 08-07-2019 | Religion |  

What Side of the divide is she to take.

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Modele Fatoyinbo, Wife of Biodun Fatoyinbo the Embattled Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly COZA seems to be in a dilema.

Recall that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has been in the centre of the storm of Allegation bothering around Raping Busola Dakolo, Wife to Timi Dakolo.

The rape allegation led to a robust response from the Pastor and the Church he Shepards. In his response, Biodun Fatoyinbo denied ever raping anybody either when he was still an unbeliever nor when he joined the body of Christ wholeheartedly.

Going by wide spread condemnation and having the matter trend and gener suppourt for the Dakolo's, Biodun Fatoyinbo Decided to Take a Leave of Absence and apparently leaving the affairs of church to the next in heiriechy whom happens to be Biodun's wife, Modele.

Modele since assuming this post has tried to hold sway for her Husband pending when the matter dies a natural death.

To be Honest, Modele is doing her best to hold it together not after some of the confessions from Busola Dakolo whom had said in an attempt for Biodun to have sex with her, Biodun had described his wife as a "Cold-Dead Fish" who does not appeal to him sexually no more.

Here is the Same Modele trying her best to hold grounds for her Husband while he is away.

Would Modele Stand with the Dakolo's or with her Husband?

Well, its a difficult and though decision to make.

Presiding over Sunday Service at the Headquaters of the COZA Church in Guzape Abuja, Modele had affirmed her Husband was still the father of all COZA Churches worldwide.

Speaking Further to the COZA Congregation, Modele said to them " who ever does not celebrate her Husband can not be her friend". Reiterating that her husband had mentored her and several others to build their confidence in Public Speaking.

Whatever the Case, Modele is sure inbetween the Devil and deep blue sea as no side she takes right now is favourable to her. She can not ditch her Husband to Stand with the Dakolo's at this moment even tho standing with the Dakolo's is the most popular Place to stand.

I salute her courage and dogedness and Resolve to stand with her husband in this trying times.