Covid 19. All the Conspiracy theories so far

ByOMA |29-03-2020 | Religion |  

There is fire on the Mountain and there is nowhere to run to


All of the Conspiracy theories brought to bare so far so good about the dreaded Corona virus Pandemic world wide..

First, its started out at the Wuhan Province in China.

Then it was associated with a disease gotten from Animals. The theory was that chinese people ate a lot of raw bats, snakes, rats, monkey's and all what have you.

Then it was categorised as a flu-like infectious virus..

Different Conspiracy started to play out.

The Chinese Foreign ministry came forth alleging the virus was some sort of Biological weapon manufactured and cultured in a laboratory.

That after the Joint Military drills held in the Wuhan Province in China and all the participating Armies were set to depart back to their various countries, the Chinese Foreign ministry spokesman was on record to have said an American Soldier released the Virus in Wuhan shortly before departing the province..

Then it started to look like some sort of Biological Warfare between America and China.

The Virus started to spread like wild fire.

Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Iran, United States of America were racing in contagion. People dieing like it was not a thing.

Then the mother of all Conspiracy theories. That the Future is all about "The internet of Things" and that to power the future, the world needed 5G technology.

That test running the 5G Technology required setting up technologies that were going to be 10times faster in speed than the 4G and that it would require higher Frequency Electromagnetic waves that ultimately was going to be poisonous to human cells and would exhibit flu-like symptoms.

That the Corona Virus is just a mere smoke screen, a shield used to cover up mass killings just to power 5G technology.

That the 1% of the 1% of the super wealthy class that run the world are hell bent on changing the World order.

That it might include some luciferic and satanic inductions and many more people would be affected..

As the scorge of the corona virus rages on, Self-isolation is key, Social distancing is number 2. Washing our hands ALWAYS and maintaining proper Hygiene would go a long way in atleast protecting lives.

That test running of 5G has to be carried out in major global financial hubs, Italy, Spain, France, Newyork and all and that is why the infection is severe in the aforementioned Countries..

Lets just cross our fingers and be Hopeful this epidemic doesnt continue raging at the pace with which it currently is recking devastating havoc to Humanity.

Why is Russia so silent ? That Russia never agreed to test run 5G within its general populace but used a controlled testing drill by the Russian Military in isolated confines to test 5G.

As the Controversies and counter Countroversies rages on.

Life is only for the living. Stay Safe and Remember. " Dead Men Dont Tell Tales".

Stay Alive.