Churches or Glorified Business Centers

By OMA | 27-03-2020 | Religion |  

No such thing as fear of God in Nigeria

Church bill payment.jpeg

Dem Abumere and Lucky Church don start to dey pay Tithe and Offering thru USSD Code... Nothing we no go see for this country.

If person talk now, dem go say you dey against the work of God. Say na you sef be anti-christ.

At this sensitive Corona Virus time, instead of churches to be innovative in combating the virus, their main concern for innovation is how to collect Tithe and offering thru remital portals or online transfers or USSD Codes....

I still very much insist ... We dont have churches in Nigeria, we only have Business Premises disguised as churches or better still not to be too harsh putting it mildly ' Glorified Centers for social gathering'.

Using the name of God to scam people everyday.

I guess the thinking is this. Since Corona Virus would not allow you come to church and the church wont make money, its better the church goes seeking money from people already terrified and locked down at home cos of scare of Corona Virus. From home where you are locked down, still send your money via USSD. .

Chai.. God punish satan

Very wrong Timing if you ask my opinion..

No Pastor saw the Corona Virus coming. No Pastor can pray it away, but these god of men can NEVER EVER Repent from the bi-weekly largest from Tithes and Offerings.

Very untimely Innovation. Very insensitive. Very cruel. Very Selfish.

Depicts every shade of evil. Corona Virus or not, Business must continue.

I pity for them my friend Lucky. . I no be Obikings Kyluc Lucky I be lucky friend.

Make I do quick come go Open my own Church.

I had my own calling Yesterday.

You pay your Tithe and offering so you would be free from corona virus, simply dial 38924# ..

Chai.. dia ris God oooo.