Bishop Oyedepo Aquires a New Helicopter.

By OMA | 22-10-2019 | Religion |  

Flight helps in ease of spreading the Gosple.


No be Small matter oo. Bishop Oyedepo Just Bought a New Helicopter.

I was surfing the web and came across this write up by leke Becrooft.

The guy certainly must be and Admirer of Bishop Oyedepo.

Leke Beecroft in his article spoke glowing about Bishop Oyedepo and everthing the bishop represents.

The highlight tho. Bishop had just bought a brand New Helicopter.

This is the First Aircraft Bishop was buying from his personal funds and was not from Living faith or Convenant Purse.

Leke Beecroft certainly cited ease for transportation as the major reason why Papa had been intrested in the Private Jet issues all along and owed it to a Vision Bishop oyedepo had seen in the Past of him flying to spread the Gosple of Christ around the world.

Living Faith Church has over 11,000 branches in 65 Countries.

At one of the Sessions Bishop Oyedepo spoke, He had made known that the Aircraft could fly from Lagos to Maiduguri or Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos without Refueling the Helicopter.

Information gathered from leke Beecrofts article also suggests Convenant University in Ota would be the venue for the International Monetary Fund IMF to host their 75th anniversary in July 2020, Stating also that the IMF, United Nations and World Bank has made commitments to recruit staff fresh from CU Annually.

IMF is currently worth about $850billion.

Leke Beecroft wrote too on how Bishop oyedepo had in a gathering declared that very soon and before Jesus comes, Living Faith would be Wealthier than IMF and World Bank.

Beat that!..