Why I Support Buhari.

By OMA | 12-11-2018 | Politics |  

Last of a Dieing Breed.

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Buhari is a Culuture. Buhari is an Awareness. Buhari is a Civilisation. Buhari is a Religion.  Buhari is a Tradition. Buhari is a Movement. Buhari connotes Integrity. Buhari Exudes Transparency. Buhari is a Born Administrator. Buhari is A Prudent Manager. Buhari is an Avid Strategist. Buhari is a renowned Tactician. Buhari is a retired Army General, he knows so many things with information and intelligence at his finger tips. Buhari is Grass root, he is about the people. Buhari is a whirlwind, A moving Train, a rolling stone, Buhari is still a household local Grassroot Politician yet with so much International appeal. Buhari is known for Transparency and he is a father Figure. United Nations Secretary General Gutterres, German Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel, France President David Macron, name them all, all just wanted to appear in same portrait as Buhari.

Buhari in Time would rank with the likes of only Nelson Mandela.

Buhari thy kingdom come.