Who Then is Marginalising the Igbo People.

By OMA | 13-06-2019 | Politics |  

Only Igbos marginalise Igbos.

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Igbo people are never on the popular side and that is why they tend to be Always left out in the scheme of things.

Study voting patterns since 1993 elections and see why the igbos always yell marginalisation but unfortunately it seems its actually the igbos marginalising the igbo as theatrical as it may sound.

New evidence suggest igbo people did not vote for MKO Abiola in the June 12 1993 general elections that is believed to be the freest and fairest elections ever held in Nigeria.

Asides from trumped-up excuses the then Military Dictator General Badamosi Ibrahim Babangida gave for anulling the elections, studying the voting patterns indicated asides from Anambra state in the South-East, no other state from that Region supported the candidacy of MKO Abiola.

Is it then right to conclude that any candidate the igbos support is sure to lose out in Nigeria General Elections.

History always repeats its self and people seem never to learn from History.

Igbo's did not support emergence of MKO but he still won non the less without their support.

Igbos never supported the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari on 2 occassions and he still won nom the less without their support.

Do we then say igbos are irrelevant or their votes dont matter.

Or is it a case of them shooting themselves in the foot?

Igbo people has over the years always been on the unpopular side of history in voting patterns in General Elections held in Nigerian territorial space.

Igbos must get their act together and set their priorities right.

You want something. Work for it.

It is time igbos learn from this unfavourable trend and form winning alliances to stop the cry of marginalisation.

Oma writing for political desk.