Unpopular Opinion about Sowore Re-arrest

By OMA | 06-12-2019 | Politics |  

Freedom fighter, Activist or coward


Honestly Sowore disappoint me as hin take hide under chair.

Someone that wants to lead you into #RevolutionNow is hiding and you are there showing ur own face on shouting on social media.

U better tell Sowore to comot from under chair before una start to blow big grammar wey una no sabi..

Revolution kor Revolution ni.

If you see war, you go fit stay?.

Small children on facebook nairaland and twitter shouting #RevolutionNow. Small shallo, their oga don dey hide under chair, na person wey wan lead me enter revolution be that. Tufiakwa...

If them start the revolution now, if the thing set, Sowore go run go America Hin country where hin get citizenship just like Nnamdi Kanu decieve people start wahala next thing hin run..

Why run, why not stay and finish what you started.

Freedom fighters from time immemorial are staunch hadcore believers in their movement and are ready to stand anyday for a course they believe is Just.

For Sowore to dey hide under chair, the guy don dissapoint me.

Malcom X would never hide like that. Martin Luther King will never hide like that. Nelson Mandela will never hide like that. Steve Biko will never hide like that.

When you see the messiah, they will never be easy to spot.

Nnamdi Kanu, Sowore, Femi-Fani Kayode, all those one's are Scam messiahs.

Nigeria is so upside down.

Nnamdi Kanu is preaching #Biafra. Sowore is preaching #Revolution Fani Kayode is preaching #HateSpeech.

And you all expect they get a path on the back. I dont think so...

I dont pity for Sowore one bit and Im serious about it.