Understanding the Man ; "Major General" Muhammadu Buhari

By OMA | 13-12-2019 | Politics |  

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Nigeria is a very big country. We must understand that fact.

Nigeria has so many Interest groups. So many. Its another fact we cant ignore.

No single President at any point in time can satisfy the various interest of every single interest group at any point in time in the history and future of Nigeria.

It is simply not Possible.

Let me tell you something.

When Major General Buhari said he was going to look out for the Interest of people that voted him to power you thought he was joking.

Who are the People against Buhari and who are the people that are for Buhari is a very critical issues we must look into to understand political space in Nigeria.

Buhari is most concerned about the Grassroot people. Market women, Farmers and artisans.

The Masses in the deepest hinterland Interior of Nigeria.

Those people In our interior villages and local governments. The actual Masses that voted enmass for Buhari in excess of over 15 Million popular votes.

If we get this facts, then I can account for the other group Buhari is not concerned about.

The Wailers. The Online PDP e-rats. Those that voted for Atiku, Goodluck Jonathan's Apologist. We know there are very much around and we are not scared of them one bit.

They beat their chest B4 elections they were going to beat Buhari..

Their own Election is Online, that was why Atiku was looking for his results in an online Server INEC said never exists. Atiku's votes was online.

You see, Truth is chances are, if you can afford to buy data and can come online, Buhari is not thinking about you.

Buhari is thinking about those farmers in my local government that dont even have access to the Internet not to talk of know how to twerk twitter of facebook.

You see All of us on facebook and twitter, Buhari does not even know we exist including me.

I have been defending Buhari since inception of his first tenure and I have not gotten a single penny or call or recognition from the Villa. I do it FOC. Free of charge

That is to tell you that we all dont matter and im serious.

Have you not wondered why Online during elections, Goodluck is always winning online and Dino melaye wins online while at the actual polling units on the grounds it is Buhari winning Goodluck and Smart Adeyemi Trashing Dino Melaye.

Truth is, Most of us online dont even have voters card and Nigeria is not ripe for Online Voting.

Maybe when Nigeria starts online voting, maybe that time wailers would win, but if elections are still INEC Conducted at grassroots local government level, Free and Fair, Buhari will Beat Goodluck blue-black any day any time.

So, if you understand that Buhari doesn't even see your online Sowore-rants or my own suppourt for him, then you can start to understand little of Nigeria politics.

You see... when Buhari was talking of "Lazy Nigerian Youth", they are the ones that sit and rant all day online.

Those feeling the heat of Buhari are the Lazy Nigeria Youths.

Those that dont want to work. Those that wants free money. Those that cherish proceeds from Corruption.

The hard working Nigerian Youths are on the farms planting and Harvesting and Buhari has encouraged them by closing the Borders..

The people clamouring for Sowore today, we know them, they are the same people that voted for Atiku.

BUHARI can not be in government and forget people that voted for him and start attending to people that voted for Atiku Abubakar. It is not possible.

People that voted Atiku are lovers of Corruption the old system of looting.

Buhari says no more Looting and you are having a hard time to cope with that. Buhari says no more free money.

Talking about free money. Nigerians love free money, who doesnt. Even me sef like free money but Buhari has said no more free money and every body must earn before they eat.

AIT was getting free Money from Sambo Dasuki, that was why they didnt want Goodluck Regime to end.

There are reports that Punch newspaper was getting free money from Dasuki. BUHARI Stopped it, Punch in their grivience decided to attache "Major General" to Buhari's Name and call his administration a regime.

Good and fine, But Buhari dooleh sai ya chi ubansu.

Buhari said No room for looters. Dino is crying, Saraki's properties are being forfeited to the FG by injunction of the Courts. Orji Kalu is dancing to the anti corruption music. Same as Mompha and Allen Onyema and even Yahoo boys sef join.

Buhari says no more Lazy Nigerian youths, yet the same lazy youths will buy data to come online to advertise their laziness when hard working youths are taking advantage of Border closure to earn serious cash..

If you understand that Buhari is not moved by Facebook posts or Twitter comments of Nairaland e-wailers techniques, If you Understand that Buhari does not even think of us, then we can pick up the discussion up from there.

Until then, #IStandWithBuhari.

OMA. Buhari Enthusiast. Public Affairs Analyst.