Travel President.. President Buhari to take another 2 weeks Break in London

28-10-2019 | Politics |  

After all the travels, The President would take a 2 weeks off.


Despite public outcry that President Buhari embarks on international trips rather too frequently, Sources from the Presidency have put words out about the Presidents itenery, Scheduling him to be in Saudi Arabia on a 3 days long Economic Forum for the Future Investment Intiative (FII) Conference holding in Riyahd

There would further be another 2 days the President would spend at the Lesser Hajj Pilgrimage.

However the Trip that has raised brows would be another 10 days Vacation in the UK, Scheduling the President to be back to Nigeria on the 17th November.

Critics of the President have opined on several forums how he should have travelled to the more important invitations while he sent a deligation on the less important invitations recalling that the President was in Japan, Russia, South Africa, United States of America, Now Riyahd Saudi then the United Kingdom.

With the President haven been on record to have spent neary a third of his first three years in office outside the country and especially the infamous over 100 days trip the President was away in the UK on Medical Reasons, observers would tag this as one of the too many Travels of Mr President.