The Rot in the Amnesty Programme.

By OMA | 25-11-2019 | Politics |  

Corruption is intertwined and synonymous with Nigerians.


The level of rot uzzing out from Files of the Presidential Amnesty programme that Started out modestly during the Late President Yar'adua tenure and passed down to Goodluck Jonathan's regime is totally nothing to write home about.

There are American Inteligence information implicating the Chairman CEO of Air Peace Allen Oyenma for obtaining unlawful proceeds believeing to have been ill gotten wealth from the then presidential Amnesty programme.

These reports suggest that from the Over 60 Billion Naira a year that goes into the programme, the Niger-Delta as it stands today has nothing tangible to show for such humungous amount of money spent on rehabilitating the Militants of the region.

At first there were unconfirmed rumours the first lady at the time Patience Jonathan had heavy financial investments in Air Peace not till Allen Oyenma owned up to the Business venture.

However, America has indicated Allen and has questions to answer and it turns out it is being politicised and tribalised saying it is a witch hunt against the Niger-Delta Region.

Laurettha Onuoche has asked Allen Oyenma to carry his cross and not politicise the issue as "The Law comes for only defaulters" according to Laurettha.