The Real AtikQuiet Matters.

By OMA | 31-10-2019 | Politics |  

Kiti kiti kiti kiti. Kata kata kata kata


The Issue now is not one that their Petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court. That is no news.

But they say doing same thing over and again to expect a different result is the dictionary definition of insanity.

What was the Process? Same Old Process, When the Electorate that matters the most had an alternative with President Muhammadu Buhari's #Change Mantra evolving to the #NextLevel

Their PDP National Convention was same old same old flamboyant Biggest Money Spender, Winner Takes all. I wasn't there ooo, but according to fillers and reports at the Time.

Atiku rained Dollars. Yes! He made it rain and it poured down real hard.

The National Convention could have been mistaken for a Bazaar. Highest Cash Money Spender. Baba Alaye.. Atiku.

Obasanjo, the Retired General that never Forgives all of a sudden organised an Inter-Religious Crusade with Bishop Oyedepo and Shiek Gunmi Present.

In Broad Day light in the glare of the whole world, Atiku was baptised, Obasanjo Forgave ALL His Sins in Presence of Bishop Oyedepo and Sheik Gunmi, Atiku was a Brand New Convert ready to test the waters.

Goodluck Jonathan that was still nursing his own wounds from the Previous Elections, pledged Suppourt for the Atiku Campaign.

Then Senate President Bukola Saraki kept spooning him on.

Atiku was moving around doing garaje blowing false winds and marketting a Dubai Strategy, spending Big.

23rd October, Muhamadu Buhari won Elections clean and clear by one of the widest margins ever.

Atiku decides to go on a part 2 money spree. Court, kiti kiti kiti kiti, kata kata kata kata.

His Lawyers were to get from the spoils. After-all Atiku Money never dry's. His lawyers brought all their law jargons and couldnt even present a descent case in court, Working with Imaginery INEC Servers as Base for Petition.

So Bad, Atiku's lawyer were seen on National TV snooring fast asleep but yet #AtikuIsComing kept trending by their online e-warriors on social media space

From Tribunal to Court of appeal, from Court of Appeal to Apex Court, they all could not have been wrong, they all could not have been taking sides, they all interpreted the same meaning to Law.

Truth is always Consistent. Truth is Universal. Truth is 1.

Buhari Won

Last I heard, Bukola Saraki is somewhere in Canada now cooling his heels,

Atiku should probably be in Dubai.

Their main Man Dino Melaye is about to hit the bricks real hard in his Re-run elections in Kogi State.

Obasanjo has not Written any letter again since after Elections

Atiku too is now Quiet in the new #AtikQuiet campaign

May we never experience such misfortune where the whole PDP pushed Atiku to #AtikQuiet