The Minister, His Commission, Telcom Operators, Subscribers and the Digital Economy

By OMA | 21-11-2019 | Politics |  

Directives are to be enforced.


The Minster gave a directive in what sounded like a five days ultimatum for his Commission the NCC to direct Players in the Telcom Industry to Reduce price of data.

NCC is telling the Minister it would amount to Ilegallity if data prices were tampered with, without following the acts that Established it.

The Operators are evening making it clear to the Minister that Prices are regulated by Market forces and not by just mere decrees and ultimatums.

Social commentators with their bad mouths, trust them. They have tagged it "Audio Directives"

Subscribers are growning under the high cost of data and even complain of being short changed by the Telcoms, a situation the minister himself attested had happened to him, illegal deduction of data.

Prices of data are high in Nigeria as compared to other African Countries, but operator's latch on to "Cost of doing Business" as excuse for this variance.

One thing is certain in this digital economy, For there to ever be any form of prosperity from the digital economy, there has to be a lot more inclusiveness.

For there to be greater participation, data should be next to free.

Telcom Operators must realise they have milked this country more than enough and reduce data prices to make affordable to Actors in this Digital Economy.

It is not a enough for the Minister to issue just an ultimatum which has not been adhered to.

Subscribers, the Minister and the NCC must team up to force a downward price movement in data cost on Telcoms Operators in Nigeria.

Data, like Water, like Air should be next to Free.

Data is fast becoming in the league of what should be fundamental human rights

Telcoms operators should not Exploit this fact to arm twist subscribers with their outrageous Prices of data.

It is now left to see who would blink first.

The Minister or the Operators.

Subscribers are waiting.