The Metele Attack. What has been told.

By OMA | 26-11-2018 | Politics |  

Boko Haram came with Superior Fire Power.


When I first saw the story reported om Reuters, I was shocked to my bones.

I kept imagining what sort of Fire power would have over ran the power of the soldiers stationed at the Metele camp.

Whatever Fire Power that over came those soldiers sure wasnt childs play as it would have been well planned befor execution.

From stories that started to spring up, we heard there had been a warning letter Boko Haram had circulated they were coming to attack Military bases along the lake chad region.

Is like ISIS West Africa is bent on capturing more grounds even as Nigerian soldiers leads the offensive against them on Nigerian territorial space.

Soldiers that survived the onslaught had gory stories of the attack to narrate.

First the issue of being under equipped. Soldiers complained of being attacked with Superior Arms and Armunition to the extent the insurgents took them out in no time.

Secondly, it should have been suggested that certain radius around such camps should have been surveillance, but this apparently seemed not be the case.

Varying figures of soldier casualty had been bandied around since the attack but going by Figures from Reuters, 44 soldiers were reportedly killed and their body layed lifeless in the pool of their own blood. Horrific if you ask.

Then there was the issue of a team going on rescue and to evacuate bodies of our slain soldiers. This rescue troop were reported to still have faced stiff resistance from the insurgents forcing them to abort the rescue observation.

It was also reported a certain Leiutenant Colonel was amongst the soldiers slain and the wife to this said officer had not been able to put it together.

It was reported that Col. Sakaba's wife took to her instagram page asking the Nigerian Army to give her information as to her husbands where about.

Whatever power out ran that military base sure wasnt a small fire power.

Nigerian security architecture should be more proactive in terms of sharing and gathering of intelligence.

The Nigerian government should also look into welfare of the Soldiers In the fore front fighting insurgents in the troubled North East.

Also, It would do the country well to equip the Military with modern day equipment to prosecute this war once and for all and not subject the Army to ridicle fighting with out dated Guns and have the enemy with much more sophisticated equipment.

To the Soldiers that lost their lives serving this country.

To our Fallen Heros.

To those Soldiers that Died for Love of Country.

To the soldiers that paid the ultimate price defending Nigeria territorial Space.

Rest In Peace. Men of Valour.