The Invalidity In Tambiwal's Statement.

By OMA | 16-08-2018 | Politics |  

Cabals have nothing on Buhari

Buhari and Tambuwal

My Attention has been once again drawn to the statements credited to the current governor of Sokoto state Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal about Cabals hijacking President Muhammadu Buhari's government.

Tambuwal made this disclosure when a group of youths and students paid him a visit and sort to use the avenue to market his own presidential Ambition. 

Let me say Tambuwal is a man I admire so very much for his credentials as a perfect gentle man.

what struck me the most was the kind and generous words he had to describe President Buhari with.

Tambuwal extolled Buhari was a man of impecable character, but age and health were failing the president. 

I was really impressed at all of Tambuwals assertions and unlike other PDP presidential hopefuls who would rather demerit Buhari to selp their credentials, Tambuwal didnt tow that lane.

unlike Atiku, Kwankwaso, Makarfi and Saraki who would rather not see nothing good in Buhari, Tambuwal took time to spell it out how much love he had for Buhari which in itself is amazing.

However, there was gross invalidity in Tabuwals assertions of Cabals running Buhari's government.

Government is such a broad phenomenon and no one man can truly govern a local government not to talk of a state or a country.

Government is collective responsibility. The problem is that I this part of the world, we all wait for Buhari to put food on our tables then spoon feed us, that is only when the impact of governance is felt.

in America, Britain, Canada, Australia.. in places where they have functional institutions, Presidents or prime ministers as the case may be are mere figure heads. 

Governance is run auto-pilot in these advanced countries, hence the president has close allies that carry out certain government functionalities on governments behalf amd term it from the "Presidency".

that is why we have the Secretary of state, Defence Secretary and the likes of them.

the president is truly only needed whe there is need for presidential assent in matters of last resort. 

Take for instance America is under Threat fro. NORTH korea and the military needa to activate somw nuclear reactors, that is when Presidential orders are mostly required, otherwise the pentagon runs smoothly with Donald Trump on vacation. 

Where am I driving at? There has never been a government I know of without Cabals as a president can never work in isolation.

for those of us that has seen that Jack Bauer movie Series 24 portraying America and how American governance is ran, there was never a President that ran in isolation, Cabals were present in every American Government, not just cabals but even sabotuera undermining governments efforts and destroying government from within the government. 

Goodluck Jonathan had the worst of cabals.. or what would you call Stella Oduah, Mama Peace, Deazianyi and Ngozi okojo during the goodluck Administration? Women cabal.

Tambuwal should know that every government around the world is run by cabals, From Barrack Obama's government to Donald Trump to theresa May, to Angela Merkel and even down to Vladimir Putin...

No one man can truly run government alone.

the most important things are the virtues of the president. 

PRESIDENT Buhari is an Anti Corruption crusader.

Mr Integrity 1 of Africa.

ogbuagu 1 Of Aba kingdom.

Destroyer of the PDP largest party in Africa at the time.

President Buhari is incorruptible. 

President Buhari has the love of country at heart and puts Nigeria first.

President Buhari is all about the Masses.

President Buhari is a No nonsense Man.

these are the fillers and pointers the cabals take que from.

these cabals know whom they are working with and hence corruption is not as prevalent as what we used to have in the goodluck jonathan days and the 16 wasted PDP Years.

I hope Tambuwal doesn't because of his presidential ambition see the truth and shy away from it.

I rest my case.

In Buhari I trust.


2019 #SaiBaba Nigeria #SaiBuhari.

concerned Nigerian.