The Fallacy in Punch Newspaper Smear Campaign

By OMA | 11-12-2019 | Politics |  

Biased Media Umpire.


I am Totally Dissapointed in Punch Newspaper if latest headlines circulating social media space credited to their company about President Muhammadu Buhari.

Punch as a whole has shown shallowness and lack depts in understanding.

First I am Dissapointed in what they are Reacting to and Secondly I am dissapointed at their Reaction itself.

First about what they are reacting to, I am not moved one Bit by whatever adjective the Punch uses to Describe president Buhari. We have seen worse case scenerios in this country when AIT African Independent Television took to their TV station to embark on a campaign of Hate, Calumny. Smear campaigns.

It is not today, this is not the first Medua campaign against Buhari, AIT's own was worse than this but we all know where it ended.

What im mostly dissapointed about is even their reaction and the deterent they supposedly want to use to deter The President.

Someone worked and rose through the Ranks of a Prestigious Institution as the Nigerian Army. He rose to the Ranks of Major General. Meritoriously and Ceremoniously Decorated.

A very coveted position and Rank. Not something you come by just anyhow.

Something of Pride and Prestige. "Major General".

I am amazed Punch Newspaper thinks addressing President Buhari as "Major General Buhari" is something derogatory.

To me, it serves the exert opposite purpose...

To me personally, I prefer to address the President as Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari than to just address him as "President Buhari"...

Punch in her all wisdom should have known that a Nomenclature does not and can never determine the Content of a Man's Character.

Major General Buhari is a man of uncommon Integrity.

Even if Punch Newspaper decides to call the preaident "Saint Buhari" or "Devil Buhari" those to me are mere Nomenclatures.

Punch should have known that you can Never assasinate the character of a man by what you address him as.

Calling him Major General Buhari will not and can not and will never make him stop being a Democratically Elected President that came in through the Ballot and score Most Popular votes in excess of 15 million votes in an Election closely monitored by local and International Observers.

Punch is lacking in basic fundamental knowledge in character Assasination, they can learn better from AIT.

What Punch has done with this publication credited to them in the media is not different from the drama Sowore Acted in Court...

Buhari has consistently been attacked since before his Campaign, Election and eventual Inaugiration and has not stoped being Attacked.

But the Most Gracious Old Soldier Baba Go Slow would pay them no mind.

Punch Publication is just another one of those distractions we have gotten used to.

We that #StandWithBuhari has seen way more than all this Antics.

I am Dissapointed in Punch, they should have pulled a better Stunt Next time.

OMA. Public Affairs Analyst.