The Fall and Fall of PDP

31-10-2019 | Politics |  

2023, PDP must be very weary.

PDP brella.png

One Time Self Acclaimed Largest Political Party in Africa.

Had once Boasted would rule for 60 years non stop.

Had Ruled 16 Years non stop.

They threw caution to the wind, it was a jolly ride that was never going to end.

Opposition kept Strategising. Muhammadu Buhari had been in Court in the Better part of the 16 Years Rule of the PDP.

Atiku Once Boasted how he single handedly acquired All South Western states for PDP and left only Lagos to Tinubu because Tinubu was his friend.

PDP was a party that was never going to End.

Anyway.. that is not the crux of the matter.

What I want to compare is the 2015 Fall of Goodluck Jonathan as Muhammadu Buhari gave him a Suprise Slam versus the 2019 Expected Atikulated Defeat of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

2019 was Easier for Muhammadu Buhari I think, as he was only going to be consolidating on his #Change mantra giving the electorates reason why they can rely on him to ride them to the #NextLevel

This is Broad day light Fall and Fall of PDP.

2023, the PDP Needs to be very weary as that election might be the final nail to the PDP Coffin.

Not With Secondus that is Second place friendly as their Chairman or the Kola Ologbodiyan as their mouth piece for a spokesperson, an SS3 student in any Press Unit would do better.

PDP needs inject new bloods. New Dynamics, New Style, New Approach.

Doing same thing same way and expecting a different result is dictionary definition of insanity.

The PDP must come off their high horse. They Must Smell the coffee.

After all of these giagantic loses for the PDP, What next?

The PDP must Reflect, look inwards, Restitute and Appologise to Nigerians for the 16 Years of waste.

The PDP must be very sombre. They must swallow their pride and accept their flaws.

The PDP Must wake up from their Slumber.

The PDP must Re-Strategise.

They Must Re-Organise and comport themselves as a formidable opposition and not all of these ghost chasing techniques implored at the moment.

Indeed, Goodluck Jonathan and Atiku Abubakar had a Great fall 2015 and 2019 Respectively but that Party PDP was the Primary and Common Driver.

The Umbrella has been left unattended too for too long and the rains seems to have drenched everybody under the umbrella and it is of no consequential use.

Perherbs its time to get rid of the dirty, Old, Torn Umbrella

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