The Allen Onyenma Register

By OMA | 26-11-2019 | Politics |  

Beaming the lights on Presidential Amnesty Funds


Little did we know Allen Onyenma Was Patience Jonathan's ATM..

Lets just say even the Jonathan's Enjoyed Amnesty under their own Presidency.

Maybe they were the biggest beneficiary of the Presidential Amnesty programmes. . Who knows?

What and where was the source of the finance for the NGO's Allen Onyema operated.

Who financed Air peace in less than 5 years to take lion share of the Aviation sector in Nigeria.

Air Peace Flys to Asia, Europe, Africa and has announced direct flights to Texas.. ahn ahn, na only them waka come?

Is our lord not a great lord.

Now, America is looking for Allen Onyenma. Indicted for so many charges bothering on financial crimes.

Allen has to call Names.

Who were the Major donors to his NGO's, plenty questions begging Answers.

1st Suspect that readily comes to minds of most business colunm editors and Major financial analyst would be Patience Jonathan.

This American Whistle-blowing on Allen Onyenma would trigger the first in a series of cans of worms to be opened into how the Niger Delta Amnesty funds were looted and Mis-managed.

When Next Niger-Delta agitates, they should take a holistic look at Air Peace, it is proceed of their looted Amnesty funds.

It is safe to conclude Air Peace is a Niger-Delta People's property if only they can Salvage it from Allen Onyenma.

Seems Corruption and Nigeria are intertwined...

Thank God for the #Change Intervention of the Muhammadu Buhari's Administration.

Goodluck Jonathan Regime should have lasted a tenure longer, would have crippled this country to its knees, when Only Allen Onyenma who's source of wealth is not traceable would stand and boast he own 100% of Air Peace.

It is a really sad commemtary on our Nation Nigeria where just one man would sit on resource ment for millions of people...

Yet Ethnicity and Tribalism would make a group opin that he is being chased because he is not Hausa or because he is a southerner.

If only EFCC had the powers to extradite Allen onyenma to the United States so he could meet his Court date,

This series would get juicier. We can only wait and watch how the Allen Onyenma drama unfolds.