Supreme Court Sends All APC Candidates Packing in Zamfara State.

By OMA | 24-05-2019 | Politics |  

No valid primaries Elections held in the state.

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In what apparently seems to be the biggest political story for today being Friday the 24th day in May of 2019, The Supreme Court of Nigeria has set the APC in Zamfara state in a total state of pandemonium by nullifying APC's candidates elections.

Not one or two or even three but All the candidates of the All Progressive Congress party that took part in all the general elections that held in Zamfara state.

Worst still was that it was a unanimous judgement by a five-man panel led by the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad.

The Highest court in the land declared the first runners up in the 2019 elections in Zamfara state as the winners of "ALL" the posts contested for and won by APC candidates.

Particular reasons were reasons stated earlier from a sokoto court of appeal that the APC had not conducted any valid Primary Elections and as such had no candidate for any of the elections held in Zamfara State.

It was tantamount to saying all the Votes casted for APC were a mere waste from the electorates.

This judgement affects the Governorship, State House of Assembly and National Assembly Elections held in Zamfara State on Febuary 23rd and March 11th 2019.

The biggest casualty would seem the incubent but out going governor of Zamfara State Abdulaziz Yari, Who won elections to the National Assembly as a Senator. political desk would bring details by the minute as they unfold as it is already being reported that pocket of violence is being recorded owing to griviences from APC youths and PDP youths getting at loggerheads.