Sowore, Security, Intelligence and the Nigerian State.

By OMA | 07-12-2019 | Politics |  

Nigeria is our only country.


South West of Nigerian is about the only region with no form of Major unrest at the moment. Yet we want to join in the league of regions with unrest.

NorthEast is still grappling with devastating effects of Boko Haram and its menace.

NorthCentral is still trying to resolve clashes between Herdsmen and Farmer clashes.

South East is facing serious consequences of the Problem Nnamdi Kanu Started.

Talking of Nnamdi Kanu, Lets just say Nnamdi has sent both his parents to early grave from the pressure and tension from heat. Credible information suggest Nnamdi's Father died yesterday. May Heavens rest his Soul. Nnamdi has lost both Parents now because of this #Biafra agitation

Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer and police are reported to be in the news lately. There is so much going on in the East with this Nnamdi kanu matter, yet the SouthWest wants a taste from this Sowore's Madness.

If we plunge this country into a senseless civil war, na all of us go gada join dey na..

Youths on social media spreading hate thinking they are doing the government not knowing they are doing themselves.

If war set, you go fit stay.

If there is anything im certain

Nnamdi Kanu, Sowore, Femi Fani Kayode,

Non of them is the Messiah

The pain of loosing One's Both parents like Nnamdi Kanu is nothing compared to the anguish and agony and pains and pressure from war, that is if you survive it.

If Nigeria ever derails into a Civil war, Liberian civil war would be nothing compared.

Because you have a phone that has data, you come on social media calling for Revolution. When the chips are down and when push comes to sholve would you be able to stay.

If you see war you go fit stand? Ask yourself and tell yourself the truth.

War is not something anybody should ask for ooo.

If you see Sowore, tell him to calm down, there are better and more civil ways he can go about his agitation.

Steering Revolution is not beans ooo. War is not childs play.

If war start, you will not even know where your phone is at not to talk of you posting on social media.. If war breaks out, it will be bad for everybody.

Sowore is making so much noise about this #RevolutionNow issue but Baba Buhari a retired military strategist is silently carrying out a silent revolution against the enemies of Nigeria and that is why #IStandWithBuhari