Sowore Acted Pure Drama in Court

By OMA | 09-12-2019 | Politics |  

Nollywood standard.


Im telling you the truth, not many Nollywood actors can act as much as Sowore and Crew..

Even Papa Ajasco and his full crew wont put up as good drama like Sowore and his crew did...

Just that, this time, it was not for Entertainment nor for Nollywood. It was to National and International glare. It was real and was driving real human emotions, it was a scenerio that could determine destiny of a collective country..

Sowore really tried in his drama and im glad you bought into it, but we that can see beyond the drama wont have you cover our eyes with scale what we didn't see.

1st, I didnt see any Sowore Arrest in Court. Let that be clear, I didnt see any body ARREST Sowore in Court.

2nd, The Regular DSS as we have them and we know them, I didnt see any Regular DSS inside Court close to people draging Sowore.

Yes, People were draging Sowore, but who were the people?

I didnt see anybody carrying guns inside court.

From the vidoe circulating, i didnt see no arrest in court. I just saw some charlatans acting drama to whimp up public sentiments all for Symphaty...

Sowore is a good actor, his drama got you and its ok. But for some of us, we are not moved by that drama cos we are used to it.

Olisah Metuh acted drama in court.

Ayodele Fayose acted drama in court. Dino Melaye Acts and releases series of Drama every day every week even more than Funke Akindele's Jennifer's diary.

Maina is Acting drama in court.

The court is the most convenient place for them to act drama when they are on the wrong side of the law.

As for me and Truthfully, from the video I have seen circulating.

The people holding Sowore in Court were his own People and I didnt see No DSS holding Sowore inside Court and I did not see any arrest of Sowore Inside court.

If we get that much understanding, then we can take if from there.

I saw a guy on black tuxedo suggesting to me probably could have been a lawyer if he had spotted bar wigs.

Even at that, that guy does not qualify in any way to be termed a DSS personel..

From first hand accounts of lawyers that were in the court first hand, and from Spokes person for the DSS. There was no DSS invasion inside of the Court it self.

Sowore like Dino Melaye is just practicing his Nollywood career.

Most of these politicians are confused if its Acting or Politics they want.

Sowore that scored only thirty something thousand votes according to INEC in the FeBuhari 2019 Elections, wants to topple a government that scored over 15 Million votes.

30,000 votes to 15Million Votes. You too just negedu.. Compare and contrast.

30,000 people behind Sowore clamouring for a Revolution can not and should not disturb the peace of over 15million people na..

How fair is that..

We the over 15million people that voted for Buhari, we are not complaining.

Dont come and use your blues to spoil my ragge, thats not fair, thats not democracy.

30,000 people can not topple 15million people.. where is that done?

Sowore and his 30,000 people should not be enough to cause problem for Buhari and his over 15million people na. Haba mana. Do the maths.

We that are for Buhari are more than those that are for Sowore, so what does Sowore want to tell us.

Im used to online e-rats or e-warriors of PDP e-rats or Online Wailers, so what do you want to tell me. im used to them, im not scared of them one bit.

Since I have been airing my opinion about this Sowore matter and where I stand, plenty people have bullied me, cyber bullies, it wont deter me.

I will never join mouth with Sowore to call for Revolution.. Even if the Revolution comes I will not join in it.

In this my present day Nigeria that I am. I dont want Revolution. I want Baba Go-Slow. Slow and Steady is what I want. Stability and Consolidation is what I want.

I dont want Unrest. I dont want Civil-unrest I dont want fight. I dont have power for fight, you cant force me to take sides with Sowore.

I am not for Sowore. I distance myself from him and from his Revolution.

I will not sit and join my voice with people that wants to help Sowore cause problem in this Country and for this Country....

This Nigeria wey we dey so, is our own ooo. Eko o ni baje Nigeria o ni jona...

Anyhow wey e be, we must continue to dey push ahead ahead, we no go burn this country.

The thing about acting drama in court is that, it is very convenient to help people chase shadows rather than face substance.

I am not moved one bit by those theatrics of Sowore..

I will not be a party to those pushing Sowore to start anything that is a threat to National Security.

There is enough volatility in the polity already, lets not heat it up the more.

Sowore is a failed politician that was only able to gather 30,000 votes in the whole Nigeria during the last Nation wide elections.

His minority can not and should not topple a majority. Thats not a democracy.

In a true Democracy, its ok for the minorities to have their say, sowore is entitled to his voice and his call, but at every time in a Democracy, it is only the MAJORITY that must have their way...

Let him just go and rest and make a restitution, repent for his sins against Nigeria. Thats it.

When they start coming with big big grammar that they dont even Understand the meaning for themselves, they will use what they dont know to confuse their more gullible followers.

Thats how the other one brought "Transformation Agenda" not knowing he was going to transform the whole Nations treasury into his personal looting Machine, now this one is bringing RevolutionNow.

RevolutionNow kor, RevolutionNever ni.

Mtcheeeewwww. Nonsense.