Shocking Revelation. 4 Relatives Of President Buhari that works in the Villa.

By OMA | 11-11-2019 | Politics |  

Is it now a government for us by us


Shocking facts have emerged about 4 blood relatives of President Buhari that works in the Presidential Villa.

According to a report circulating online written by a certain Farooq Kperogi as monitored from his twitter handle, Farooq who is largely regarded as a Nigerian Academic, media scholar, public speaker and Newspaper Columnist had made known these shocking revelations of four blood relatives of president Buhari who officially works at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock.

According to him, Buhari during his first tenure had warned his family memner to steer clear of his government. However, it all turned out to be a lie as there are some of his family members whom are currently working with him in the Presidential villa.

He gave their names and little profiles as follow.

Abdulkarim Dauda.

He says Abdulkarim Dauda is President Buhari's Personal Chief Security Officer (PCSO). That Abdulkarim Dauda is Buhari's Nephew just like Mamman Daura.. That Abdulkarim Dauda's Father, Dauda Daura is Buhari's half-brother from the same father.

Farooq further went ahead to describe Abdulkarim Dauda as de facto president Mamman Daura's full Biological brother..

Farooq revealed he had exposed a recent secret memo Buhari sent to the Nigerian Police (where Abdulkarim is officially employed as Commissioner of police after 3 unnaturally rapid promotions in three years) instructing it to circumvent time-honoured public service rules and extend his service till 2023 even though he should have retired this year on account of being in the police for 35 years.

Number 2 person was.

Sabiu "Tunde" Yusuf.

Farooq reveled that Sabiu is Buhari's private secretary and asked people not to be decieved by the name "Tunde". That "Tunde" was just a nickname, probably inspired by Tunde Idiagbon, Buhari's Deputy when he was military dictator.

Farooq went further to reveal that Sabiu is the son of Mamman Daura's full biological sister by the name Hajia Halima (More popularly known as "Hajia Madam" in Daura) who died last year.

Farooq stated that people should know by now that Mamman Daura's sister is Buhari's niece since their father (Dauda Daura) is Buhari's much older half brother.

Farooq revealed that Sabiu is in his 30's and is one of the most powerful people in Nigeria today. He determines who sees and who doesn't see Buhari, claiming that Only Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari can Overrule Tunde.

Farooq revealed that Tunde is now a Billionaire following several accounts even though he had no formal work experience before Buhari became president. He used to sell recharge cards in Daura until 2015.

  1. Dauda "Zeze" Habu

Farooq claimed Zeze is Senior special Assistant to Abba Kyari, the defacto acting president/VP. His father, Habu Kurma, Is Mamman Daura's younger brother. (Kurma is the Hausa word for deaf, but this isnt derogatory in Hausa culture where people are habitually identified by their disability)

4th person Farooq revealed was

Musa Haro.

He is PA (Domestic Affairs) to Buhari. His mother, Hajia kwalla, is Buhari's biological sister. Hajia Kwalla is a twin. Her twin sister is called Hajia Amadodo.

Farooq claimed his frienda from Daura just last week told him that Musa "Just bribed the Emir of Daura to be conferred with the traditional title of Dan Madamin Daura.