Sex-Toy Patron, Woman Slapping Senator

03-07-2019 | Politics |  

Very Shameful Act.

Sex toy senator.jpeg

Is Nigeria a Lawless of Shameless Country or Both?.

Just when the Rape Allegation was gathering steam against the owner of Coza church, Bidoun Fatoyinbo. Another Alarming abuse and physical assault has been making the rounds taking front burner to occupy center stage about a serving Nigerian Senator.

Meet the Sex-Toy Patron, Woman Beating Senator, Senator Elisha Addo, PDP Elect Senator Representing Adamawa North Senatorial district in the National Assembly.

The Senator is said to be youngest serving senator.

The gist however is that Senator Elisha Addo and his Entourage entered into a Sex Toy Store somewhere within the Abuja metropolis Federal Capital Territory.

On the Senators arrival to the sex toy stores, the shop owner was in her little cubicle apparently receiving a phone call and heard speaking yoruba language.

From the footage obtained by Premium Times Nigeria, the Senator had asked the shop owner to drop her call and should stop talking while he was talking.

One person was heard from the footage to have answered "She is talking to her father".

The Senator however insisted she droped her call with a stronger tone of voice when another woman in the store pleaded with the senator to "Please take it easy na"

That was enough ignition for the senator to spark off and descend heavily on the woman whom later was said to be a Nursing mother.

The Senator would have slapped the woman in question about four times or more on the face hereby physically Assaulting her in the process.

The Mobile policemam attached to the Senator was seen Intervening as the senator kept ordering.. "Take her away".

This viral video had gotten online users very angry and asking for immediate prosecution of this Adamawa PDP Senator.

Some online users had gone deeper to dig up his history and what he probably could be doing in a sex toy store.

One online user played out the possibility of the Senator being an HIV Positive person haven dug out a certain "Cliff Elisha" that was denied entry into Nigerian Navy in year 2004 oweing to being HIV Positive.

As more stories develope, would serve you all the exclusives.