Sex on BBNaija Might Make Her Lose Her Professional UK Met Police Job

By OMA | 13-08-2019 | Politics |  

Just for a pot of Pottage


Sources from within the United Kingdom are getting rife with speculations that Khafi, One of our favourite BBNaija Participant might be on her way out of the Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom.

On 3 occassions the Camera had caught khafi in sex rumps with Nigerian Business Man Ekpata Gedoni during the course of the Reality Tv show.

According to the Uk "Sun" Newspapers, some of her colleagues are already suggesting she is dragging the UK Police force into Disrepute.

Khafi was said to have enlisted with the Police force when she lost a dear one to a gang while in unfamiliar neighbourhood in the UK.

She is also reported to be a high flying police officer being used to modernise the current face of the UK Police..

She was reported to have asked for unpaid leave to attend the Big Brother Naija Show but appears sketchy if she was granted permission but she "went away" anyway.

Khafi also has been said to have written her promotional exams to rank of a Sargent.

She hopes to showcase the rich culture within the confines of Nigeria should she win the BBNaija 50,000 Pounds Cash Price.

She had said she would hire a film crew, making videos of each and every state in Nigeria show casing their diverse Heritage.

Khafi is sure Our's to look out for.

Should her personal or sexual life interfare with Professionalism? Question begging Answers.