Senate Blows Hot. To Establish Hate Speech Commission

By OMA | 12-11-2019 | Politics |  

Still retains Social Media regulation Bill

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The Nigeria Senate seems to have vowed to leave no stone unturned as they continue in their drive to Sanitise the Media space, and regulate falsehood and malice over the Social media.

Recall that there had been a bill before the 9th Senate of the Nigerian National Assembly seeking to regulate the Social media space.

Lot of political onlookers who believe the senate is just a mere rubber stamp for the executive arm of government has lamented the bill is to stiffle the opposition and to work against the freedom of speech and expression.

Although some proponents of this bill had claimed the bill was not to gag the internet nor work against the "Freedom of Speech", they argues that it was to sanitise and bring serenity to the social media.

It would be interesting to note at this juncture that as the debate goes on with the Bill to regulate social media, the Nigerian senate in a fresh move has sought laws against hate speech, reintroducing a bill seeking to establish a commission for the prohibition of hate speech in the country.

After Nelson Ayewoh, clerk of the Senate read the short story title of the bill on teusday, the proposed legislation scaled past first reading in the upper legislative chambers.

The Bill is entitled, 'National Commission for the Prohibition of Hate Speeches Bill 2019 as sponsored by Sabi Abdullahi, the Deputy majority whip of the senate coming just a week after the senate introduced a bill to regulate social media

Hate speech specialist must be very careful