Say No to Privatisation.

16-11-2018 | Politics |  

Privatisation is wrong theory.


I read an article on how article is about to present his Policy statement to the press in just a few days from now.

It had at the end this picture.

I think its high time for me to say this. I read this article with a lot of amusment and some new realities dawned on me.

However, when I got to the Tail end of the article, it showed that picture of Atiku in it with Endorsment from the Economist magazine.

Reading meaning to say such things about Privatisation.

let me tell you something I believe about Privatisation. Privatisation is a rogue scheme designed to take our collective heritage as a Nation and Hand it over to a select few as their private property.

Privatisation is taking from the poor to enrich the rich still at the expense of the poor. Privatisation is double joperdy to the citizenery.

Privatisation is saying Government infrastructures built with tax payers money cant work in governments hand but can work in hands of private companies.

So why should Government not be able to work and Private companies are able?.

Some people would argue government doesnt have any business in Business but to producr enabling environment. Was Atiku able to produce enabling environment during his 8 years Vp with Obasanjo?

What is Enabling enbironment? Electricity, Roads and Water. Just basic. But Electricity has never been able to climb all the years.

It is under this Buhari's Administration that Babatunde Fashola raised Nigerian's total poor power from less than 2500megawatts to a record of 7,000 even tho it flunctuates somewhere around 4,000 to 4,500 atimes and even tho atimes power still totally shut down.

There is commitment to Power.

Buhari has started the Mambilla Power abandoned even when Atiku was VP 8 years.

What more do you people want Buhari to do for you?

Buhari has started Rail agressively.

First time I entered train in my life in Nigeria is under this administration.

Rotimi Amechi works day and night tooth and nail to make sure railway is working. I took a train ride from Abuja to Kaduna and I was Amazed.

why cant Government work?

its either Government is just gross irresponsible and just wont and cant work.

lets stop facing the symptoms. Lets address the main challenge.

Why shouldnt Government be able to work? Gross irresponsibility.

why is Government irresponsible? Terible leaders.

Who are the people buying government properties? Terrible leaders.

who are the overall victims? Me and you.

so it mean me and you must begin to make government work from our choice of leadership.

Buhari is somebody that is Hell Bent on making things work.

By the way, Who is Economist magazine, Where are they from and what is their pedigree?

Economist magazine can not rank with the likes of Bloomberg, or Newyork Times or African Press or other Serious Editorials.

they should check the economy behind handing over government to few people as compared to government to be disciplined and run properly and efficiently and even competitively.

There is no reason why Government shoukd not work.

Government is about Administration. Government is about Managment. Government is about Dicipline, Drive and Willpower.

These are all the characteristics Muhammadu Buhari posses if only Nigerians would be patient and see beyond their immediate to take a leap into the future.

Reforms are hard but they are necessary. People should be thankful to God for Buhari.

Buhari is a Mam that has shown commitment and Willpower that things can work.

People musr beware of All these politicians that would come with greek gifts.

We have been thru all these before. They shouldnt take us back.

Atiku must choose between running his Business or being in Government.

Atiku can not be running his Businesses and still be in government.

He will take undue advantage. It means the knife and the yam would be in his hands.

Atiku can not be a Business man and a Politician at the same time. It is the most scariest form of rape against the Economy.

Dangote is Dangote.

Saraki is Saraki.

Dangote is A business man and I respect him cos he faces soly his Business.

Saraki is a Politician and I respect him because he is a Career Politician.

Atiku can not be a Dangotelike Business man and a Saraki form Ploitician and and be president of Nigerian at the same time.

If Dangote comes out for Presidency tomorow. Everybody will vote him cos we all know his anticidents and pedigree and his Business acumen. That is Because Dangote is a Businessman.

Privatisation is just short way of saying Atiku is coming to sell of Nigeria to the Highest Bidder.

These are same old things they have done.

Insanity is doing something the same way and expecting a different result.

Nigerians should stick to Buhari at this trying times and have a hope of a better tommorow than leave the Country to Atiku and his brother Nnamdi Kanu to make a mess of Nigeria.

My 2cents...