Ripple Effects of what is to Come after Corona Virus.

By OMA | 10-04-2020 | Politics |  

What is to come after Corona Virus possibly could be worse than Corona Virus itself.

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2 days ago I stepped out with #500 in my pocket to buy a loaf of Bread. "Easy Bite" Bread. Most people that patronise the Bread know the Bread is sold for #350.

When I got to the stores, first there were very few of the loaves on the shelf, making me suspect the bread might not even be fresh, possibly remnants from a previous delivery maybe a day or 2 days ago.

The Bread was not Fresh.. When I grudgingly selected one and asked the store keeper to pack it for me? She did and I handed her #500 expecting her to hand me change of #150..

Omo.. story change ooo. The lady only handed me change of #100.

When I asked why, she smiled and asked sarcastically, "You Sure say this one dey Nigeria so"..

3 ladies I met there just started to laff oo. That the Bread is now #400. Ahn ahn kilode nao. For wetin.

Never.. I will NEVER buy the bread more than #350.. when did it jump to #400.

I collected my money and went back without the loaf of Bread. That Night, my #500 slept je je in my wallet, I got home and looked for alternative food to eat.

The Next day, my same #500 that survived the previous day in my wallet went out with me again..

This time I wanted to buy Fish..

Forgive me please its only food items im talking, people that know me know I Love food...

The fish I usually bought at #300.. the Igbo woman said kindly to me. Na market I just dey come so. This fish now na #450..

I didnt know when I interupted.. "Say Wetin Na Madam" 450 Bawo.. another U-turn..

My #500 returned to my wallet surviving another Price Scare.

I began to realise depreciation had hit so hard my #500. Even tho I had a note of #500, the value is somewhat around #400 in Nigeria of today as compared the Old Nigeria before Corona Virus.

Then it dawned on me that Corona Virus was not even the problem but Massive economic down turn, Massive Inflation.

Then I remembered the World Bank had start to forcast Deep Recession that would bite Hard All over Africa and possibly a double deep Recesion depending on the scale and gravity of wreckage Corona virus would have eroded World Economy.

In the Middle of all this, from some of the mails I got, Brokerage firms would not Trade the American Dollar for #350 no more.

For you to get just One Single American Dollar in Nigeria as it stands today you must sacrifice 390 Nigerian Naira. What my Hausa friends would term "Reinin wayo walahi".

One Dollar has spiked from #350 to #390.

Nigeria would have to depend alot on Reserves because no business coming from Crude oil. One Barrel of Crude oil now is about and around $33/barrel, Something Goodluck Jonathan's administration never sold below $65/barrel..

Debt. Government Begging for Debt Relief while Requesting for another Debt. Gbese.

Families are not making money but Expenses full everywhere.

Prices of goods and commodities are sky rocketting.

People loosing their source of livelihoods, Unemployment at all time high.

Government cutting budgets.

Food shortages, Famine, War, Hunger, Diseases.

Corona Virus as deadly as it is today is not even the problem. What is to come after Corona is where the problem is at.

People must brace up. One Recession possibly could Double deep to another Recession and if it still doesnt Recover might lead to a Depression of devastating scale.

So much tension around the world.

Trump is accusing the World Health Organisation of being too China-centric. The North Korean guy wont just stop Testing his long range missles capacity, showing off his military might even amidst this Global pandemic... Russia and Saudi Arabia tussling for dominance to Control Price of Crude oil.

Yet Corona Virus is ravaging and has hit above 1.5Million people infected globally. America is now about the Worst hit. Spain, Italy, France, Iran are amongst worst hit and Humanity is loosing it.

Nigerian Health Minister is warning about Communual Contagion.

Every Single Day Nigerian Centre for Disease control Must announce Fresh New cases with numbers going up with fears that the worst is far from over.

People are complaining about the lockdown while Government is Contemplating an Extension of the lockdown.. beat that. Wahala dey.

So much Hostilities that the world must de-escalate tension.

People are beginning to opine Hunger would be worse than Corona and im praying its not true cos I dont ever want to go Hungry..

Corona virus has brought to a stand still major Productions and yet there is so Much demand from Consumption.

Once Supply can not meet demand, then Inflation and then hyper Inflation.

2020... What a Year. The very Vision 2020 nobody saw.

People must begin to brace up. Be smart. Be innovative. Be dynamic. Be ready to evolve. The wave that is coming wont be easy, its going to be Survival of Only the Fittest.

Tighten your Belts and Gear up. Cos when the Going gets Tough, Walahi it is only the Tough that gets going. You have to Toughen up.

The Streets would be Military, things would be hard kokoroko like rock but you have to be a Soldier. You have to be Strong. Strong Mentally, Strong Physically..

Always be Prepared. Never be caught off guard. Nobody saw Corona Virus coming.. so prepare for the unknown. Shore up your Reserve.

Minimise how you spend your money. Cut excesses. Cut wastages.

Adapt new, efficient and easier ways of doing things..

It would not be Easy, we are going to Walk thru Hell. Hell will Consume Most People but the same Hell will Refine fewer other people..

Dont be Consumed by Hell at this Hard Times. Be Refined. Cos one thing is certain. The World going thru Hell.

To Survive Tough Times, You must be Resolute.