Retired General Babangida Authenticates his letter to President Buhari.

By OMA | 06-02-2018 | Politics |  

Advocates for new breeds of leaders


Building up to the 2019 general elections is not coming without its intrigues.

Following the damning letter Former president Obasanjo wrote to president Buhari, major media reports online and conventional media inclusive reported of another letter written to President Buhari by Former head of state Babangida.

Although not without is back and forth, with IBB's son playing down the letter written by the media aid to his dad, saying IBB authorised no such letter.

It became clear monday with a Thisday Newspaper publication where IBB exclusively spoke with the media outfit.

Extract from the publication suggested IBB advocated for new breeds of leaders for Nigeria while also admitting that president Buhari has rights to contest the 2019 elections, to vote and be voted for.

The former military dictator proposed for a new breed of digital leaders as opposed to analogue and old model style of leadership.

Babangida seemed to have thrown his weight behind Restructuring of the country while he lamented the state of rising insecurity in the country.

The former Military head of state whom happened to have overthrown Buhari specifically expressed his dissapointment in the APC 'Change' mantra.

Babangida expressed concerns that the initial letter written by his media aide, Mr. Kassim Afegbua was largely misrepresented by the media.

According to him, what his statement titled "Towards a National Rebirth", was ment for a new breed of leaders to emerge through the electoral process, but was also not intended to deny president Muhammadu Buhari his inalienable rights to vote and be voted for.

He emphasised particularly that his statement did not counsel Buhari not to contest the 2019 elections as depicted by media houses.