Punch Publication Does not Concern we we That Stand With Buhari.

By OMA | 11-12-2019 | Politics |  

Following recent developments in Nigerian political space


Monitoring the #IStandWithBuhari fan page on facebook, these were the ascertions of a fan for the page.

And my response followed immediately.

Fan's Opinion; GEJ fired Sanusi L. Sanusi as the CBN Governor and replaced him with Godwin Emefiele. SLS didn't complete his tenure. He was sacked and as I said then, I had nothing against Jonathan firing him because as the President, he was the employee and had the power to hire and fire.

PMB came onboard and retained Emefiele, a Christian from Delta who was appointed by a PDP govt and when his tenure expired, he gave him another term. Babatunde Fowler, on the other hand, was appointed by Buhari as the FIRS Chairman but at the expiration of his tenure, he wasn't re-appointed. FFK and other bigots have taken to town crying that a man from Niger state, North Central has been nominated as Fowler's replacement while they overlooked Emefiele's episode.

They can't be separated from mischief.

Credit-Sunday Wale Adeniran


My own Opinion to butress his points ;

Mbanu.. they truly can not be seperated from Mischief.

FFK and Mischief are one and the same..

Their latest episode now is circulating a publication putportedly written by Punch Newspaper saying jargons I dont even understand.

Media, their own is simple, very soon they will post a disclaimer or write an apology.

We know all these things. No be today.

They have tried thru the Judiciary, No way..

Now they want to go thru the Press.


Nonsense.. them never see something.