President Buhari. The Proverbial Cat with 9 lives.

By OMA | 24-03-2020 | Politics |  

Despite his COS testing Positive to Covid-19


His Chief of Staff Abba Kyari Tested Positive to Corona Virus while the Man was Negative.

Lets just Say President Buhari is that Cat with 9 lives they had used to story us in fairy tales while we were still kids.

President Buhari is ooKuti. He cant Die and wont die till God says so. President Buhari can never die unless God and God alone takes his life,

All those people wishing the man bad since day one, the man has just refused their bad wishes.

Spent 100 days in London hospital came back hale and herty Bad belle people began to say he is a replica Jibrin from Sudan. Low life daft people.

If you are one of those wishing ill luck and ill health and possibly death for a Man that works day and night to get this country back on track,

If you are one of those "Atiku is coming" people busy hating Buhari just because he is Northern Muslim Fulani.

If you are one of those PDP Apologist and e-rats hating on the president.

If you are Nnamdi Kanu's friend and adding your voice low key to the separatist movement and agitation for States of Biafra.

Infact, lets just put it in plain terms, if you are an enemy of the state, if you did not vote for Buhari and becos of that wanting him out at all cost even if it were death.

Happy to dissapoint you, The Old Soldier waxes stronger by the day, Baba-Go-Slow would not just die.

President Buhari as a matter of Fact is that Proverbial cat with 9 lives.

Abba Kyari, COS to President Buhari, tested Positive to Corona Virus, we wish you speedy recovery.