Pre-Elections Gimmicks, Stunts and all the 2019 palava

By OMA | 29-12-2018 | Politics |  

Electorates must beware of Election stunts


From outright spread of rumours, to distorting figures at political rallies and events to lieing and deception, this write up would study all the intrigues of pre-election to keep the electorate properly and adequately informed so as to make informed choices.

First I will tackle the issue of Lies, deceit and outright falsehood.

Not being partisan and not taking sides.

Look at the Akwa-Ibom Uyo pictures President Buhari used to kick start his re electioneering campaign and you can tell there was massive turn out to welcome the president in Uyo.

The Godswill Akpabio international stadium is a 30,000 capacity stadium and was filled to the brim.

I will give credits to the APC for not inflating figures by not even mentioning the amout that turned out. That is respectful enough of the electorate.

Compare that to PDP's Northwest rally in Sokoto where the stadium had a maximum capacity of 10,000 seats and PDP reported 3million people turning out to welcome Atiku Abubakar.

People turning out in electoral rallies does not automatically translates to votes in the elections. Somebody should please let these lieing politicians know this.

We have had instances at PDP rallies where the crowd screamed "Sai Baba Buhari" at the top of their voices.

We have had instances where people collect money from PDP in their rallies and still end up voting APC. so why lie to inflate rally figures?

3 millon people turning out for your rally does not translate to 3 million votes. Please let these politicians be guided accordingly

People came out in mass simply means people came out. You dont have to attach a figure or number of people that came out especilly when you can't ascertain the actual number and not even when facts on ground suggest otherwise.

How on earth would 3million people fit into a 10,000 capacity stadium. This is spread of outright lies and falsehood and deceit to score cheap political points..

These lies also lead to unsubstantiated Rumours from El-rufai the executive Governor of Kaduna State saying the PDP procured their crowd from Niger republic. Did the Nigeria Immigration service or border patrol report massive influx from Niger? Where did el-rufai get this information?

A PDP lie leads to an APC rumour..

You see the spiral effect!.

Leaving lie's and sticking to Rumours, PDP started to spread Rumours of Buhari owning Unquantifyable amount of shares with Etisalat and keystone bank.

Unsubstanciated rumours at that. Please back these claims up with proof so they become facts not mere rumours to discredit.

Then the other unconfirmed issue I suspect to be a lie is inclusion of Billionaire Businessman Alhaji Aliko Dangote in the campaign team of President Buhari.

I suspect this might not entirely be true untill the billionaire himself issues a statement to this effect. Why I suspect this is because Aliko has always always choosen to remain apolitical being an astute Businessman.

Until Aliko Dangote speaks for himself, I still categorize this under rumours.

Gimmicks and stunts.

How on earth do you opt out of APC to form APM and still endorse APC's Buhari as APM's Presidential candidate? Just how.

Ok. The situation in Ogun state gets messier and uglier by the day.

Earlier, Governor Ibikunle Amosun had visited president Muhammadu buhari in Abuja and I thought they had trashed out this lingering ugly development in Ogun state.

I was shocked to see Aremo olusegun Osoba In Aso rock All smiles in Abuja with Buhari lifting up Dapo Abiodun's hand meaning he is the preferred choice of the APC in the 2019 elections in Ogun state.

That left me wondering where that leaves Governor Ibikunle Amosun a strong Party Man.

What actually Happened? Is President Buhari now 2-faced? Friends with Amosun and Friends with Osoba and Dapo Abiodun, Amosun's political foes..

Really intriguing if you ask my opinion.

Then the issue of Rochas okorocha and Adams Oshiomole.

Pictures from Uyo showed they were 10,000 miles apart from each other apparently avoiding each other as not to meet and see face to face.

Oshiomole was 30,000 miles to Buhari's Right while Okorocha was 10,000 miles to the left.

This wahala just tire me. Yet the APC managed to produce a united front despite the rancours within the internal structure of the Party.

Governor Udom... my favourite Governor Udom..

Did it go down well with a PDP governor welcoming APC to his state to come un-sit him or he just kept a face?

Akpabio and Udom no dey gree and everybody knows it..

So what really happened. Im yet to understand. Would PDP fold their hands and watch APC collect Akwa-Ibo from them?

Poor Governor Udom. He didnt have a choice or he was playing fair?

Which ever way the pendulum swings. Cross your legs, sit back and observe with keen interest all the political gimmicks and stunts and maneuvers before February 2019.

It promises to be all interesting.

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