Politics of Hostilities.

By OMA | 28-07-2018 | Politics |  

Politics is of Interest

Muhammadu Buhari

I Belong To Everybody and I Belong to Nobody.. Muhammadu Buhari May 29th 2015.....

That Speech would go down in History as a speech that 'Changed' for the better the Collective Destiny of a Nation..

Today More Than Ever, I reiterate my Unwavering Never Changing Support For @Muhammadu Buhari..

Come Febuary 2019.. You have my Vote..

That was the simplest thing I posted ooo. only for me to receive one of the greatest oppression I have ever been upressed all my life.

Opponents would only make Buhari rise from being a local Enigma to an international Icon..

If you love Muhammadu Buhari, you would share this.

I have been oppressed in the last 24 Hours cos i chose to stay resolute on #IStandWithBuhari.

despite all the defections from the APC to the PDP, I am not disturbed an inch cos it is borne out from Natural convictions.

I am not influenced by nobody, no pressure groups, no political party but by my own personal ordeals and choosing from all the possible odds that are laid bare before us.

this simple thing I posted on my personal facebook page only yesterday made one of my most Revered Elder Bros call me this morning.

I was so excited when early this morning I got a call from my Man and my Bros Oludayo Folarin, in the euphoria and the excitement I was eager to pick the call, like... this bros remember me today ooo..

picking the phone, next thing I heard was his voice..

'Abigi, idiot ni eh ooo' kini gbogbo oro ode oshi ti o lon post si ori facebook. You #StandWithBuhari with all these nonsense that is happening in Nigeria today.

that was not where it ended ooo.

he told me he had called me just to inform me he had unfollowed and unfriended me on facebook so he would not wake up to be seeing such rubbish posts..

and then he cut the call and I was so downcast just becos I am a die-hard never shifting allegience Buhari supporter.

but funny enough about this my same simple facebook post was that it was 'Shared' by two of my most cherished friends we finished from college together.

first and foremost I would like to reiterate Buhari is not the cause of the security challenges we face in Nigeria today.

for those that are quick to point fingers, I know of the terrible situation of security in the country, I have been victim twice this year alone, it left a bitter taste in my mouth but weighing all the options I still #StandWithBuhari.

let it be on record that I made this forcast that 2019 elections would break a New landmark in history of Elections in Nigeria.

Winner would take all.

1st position would score in INEC register 24 million votes

2nd position would score 6 million.

its just an illutration I intended to describe the kind of gulf that would be between Winner and 2nd place.

I pity for anybody that comes out in PDP to contest against Buhari.

it would be a Monumental defeat and a Collosal loss. It would be unprecedented and unbelieveable, e go be like say Trailer jam PDP.

I had told you earlier I was saying this out from my personal convictions...

It is under this Buhari Regime that the inland ports are resurrecting and this is proof not hear say cos I was there myself

Kaduna Dry inland port.

It is under this Buharis Regime airports are being constructed and this is proof.

Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja

it is under this Buhari Regime most Federal roads are being made piorities. And here is 1st hand proof

lagos Ibadan road work

completed section of lagos Ibadan

Buhari and Ogun state are so much in a unified front that the Ogun state Governor embarked on affordable housing project and named an entire estate after Muhammadu Buhari and here is proof.

Muhammadu Buhari Estate Abeokuta

it is under this Buhari Regime I first took a Train ride from Abuja to Kaduna and this here is proof.

it is under Buhari Regime Nigeria airways just began operation, next week I would take a Nigerian Airways flight and bring you the recordings so you see for yourself.

under Buhari we hear of Ajakuta coming back. we hear of ogoni land clean up.

we hear of construction of 2nd Niger bridge. we hear of government social intervention atleast N-power gets graduates off the streets.

Yes! Buhari's administration started out so slow just like every process in life, you must crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and run before you fly.

Buhari has crawled Nigeria out from recession Goodluck and PDP Kept her in their 16 reckless years of misrule.

now Nigeria is standing on her both feet and testing to walk,

Once Nigeria Airways takes off, Nigeria and Nigerians has taken off and ready to fly,

A vote for Buhari in 2019 is a vote for Flight.

Nigeria has crawled underBuhari. Nigeria has walked under Buhari. Presently Nigeria is Running under Buhari. Nigeria would Fly under Buhari come Feb 2019 elections and he is returned May 29th 2019.

A vote for Buhari is a vote in the right direction of progress...

2019 #SaiBabaBuhari