Oyo state governor Ajimobi rejects "Cattle Colony". Compares it to modern day slavery.

By OMA | 02-02-2018 | Politics |  

Compares cattle colony to 'Modern day slavery'.


Making his position known on issues bothering around Cattle Colony, Oyo state government compared the scheme to 'Modern day slavery'.

In his words,

Cattle colony is tantamount to modern day slavery because colony is synonymous to colonisation. We can not have that in Oyo state. He was of the opinion that this challenge was evident that federalism is not working in Nigeria.

Speaking further, he went on to say...

" our position is to support controlled ranching, under which we will provide land and other basic modern facilities for good cattle business as well as breeding. Those wishing to rear cattle will use the facilities at moderate cost.

Making this stance known was at the instance of the Alaafin of Oyo who visited the state government house on thursday.