Opinion; Sowore and the Nigerian Dilema

By OMA | 07-12-2019 | Politics |  

Which way forward Nigeria


If pikin dey play with hin Mama Breast no mean say hin go fit follow play with hin papa Penis.

If this country wants to catch fire, we are all going to be in it together..

If we must go our seperate ways, it doesnt have to be by Strife or Quarrel or Revolution or war.

It is easy to come on social media and clamour for war or Revolution..

But when the chips are down, it will be a sad tale on us all as Nigerians.

This is the only country we have. If we set this country ablaze, then we would move enmass as refugees to Cameroon, Ghana, Niger and Kotonu.

Is it that we can not sit round table, talk and reason together? Are we Barbarians or Nigerians?.

It is only those that has not seen the devastation of war that are quick to call for one..

The price and cost of war would be too much for us.

You fight and lose and still be indemnified.

Should Nigeria plunge into a Civil war, Liberian civil war would be child's play compared to Nigeria

One thing im certain tho.

Nnamdi Kanu is not the Messiah. Femi Fani Kayode is not the Messiah. Sowore too is certainly not the Messiah.

They are all opportunist wanting to exploit weaknesses in the system for personal gains.

Just like we have fake pastors littred all around us, is same way we have fake activist all over.

I condemn the Re-arrest of Sowore by DSS, especially inside the premises of a court but I also condemn Sowore's call for Revolution...

I am not responsible for calamity of this country so therefore im not ready to pay the ultimate price.

I am not a part to a Revolution. I am not a Sowore Supporter and I am not in suppourt of how Sowore is being treated and I totally condemn the DSS for this New low as a Nation.

So, the big question is, Which way forward Nigeria?