Opinion; Orji Uzor Kalu 12 Years Sentence.

By OMA | 05-12-2019 | Politics |  

Corruption Sentence.


Alot of people have been attributing the Orji Uzor Kalu Story to a whole lot of other factors.

Some say, FG Tried to influence the case.

Others said its because he is From the South East.

Others attributed it to amounting to him already rigged out before 2023 presidential elections.

So many shades and colours of opinions..

This was what I responed to one of those many insinuations that caught my attention.

Truth is. No matter how long, Time eventually catches up with everything and everyone. Time is universal and time is consistent.

Truth is always one. No matter how long it takes a lie to travel, it must meet truth some day.

I dont believe there is anybody on the surface of this earth whom some way or the other will not pay for their deeds.

Its just all about time. Time tells everything. There is never truly anything hidden under the Sun.

If Diezianyi ever knew her time would be up, do you think she would be away in London Today?

Corruption does not have any defined colouration.

Corruption is not PDP or APC or APGA.

It is not Yoruba Hausa or Igbo.

It is not Christain or Muslim.

It is not Northerner or Southerner.

Corruption is Corruption.

It will go around and it will come around.

You can never delibrately soil your hands without it getting back at you.

You should never abuse Privilege. Never Abuse the People's Trust and stay away from "Common Wealth"...

Look at the "Common Wealth" ment for Amnesty in the Niger-delta, a group of people cornered the money to launch AirPeace. AitPeace came today today and that today that it came it took the giant share in Aviation Industry, ehnnnn! Now it has gone around and come back around, Allen Onyenma has been flagged, he has to call Names, this one is not Buhari or EFCC. This one is Yankee. International dimension.

Lets not give Corruption a Colour or a Shade or Shape.

Corruption is the common Enemy.

If you say they are fighting it selectively, wait, with Time, it must reach all of them one by one.

OMA Public Affairs Analyst.