Opinion : Curbing Noise Pollution in Lagos State.

By OMA | 25-11-2019 | Politics |  

Environmental Pollutions should be reduced to the barest minimum


Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA Started to Shutdown organisations not in tandem with the lagos state laws on Environmental pollutions.

LASEPA Has clamped down hard on Christ Embassy Church, Mosques, Hotels, Night Clubs and other places generally found to be violating Environmental laws when it comes to Noise pollution.

It is reported that about a total of 20 facilities were shut by the government on Saturday 23rd November 2019 in its determination to curb the menace of environmental nuisance across the state to further restore Sanity and Orderliness.

These kind of developments would be welcomed at first with a little resistance just as made known by the General Manager of LASEPA Adedolapo Fasawe as she observed with dismay the frequent attacks of the officials and obstruction of same from carrying out their official duties by unidentified hoodlums hired by facility owners to prevent lawful application of the law, noting that, Law enforcement agents all over the world were not always in the good book of offenders, whose primary aim was to subvert law and pervert course of Justice at all cost.

Unpopular Opinion;

We Must commend the Lagos State government for this bold initiative.

For so long ours has been a society that lacks Decorum and Sanity.

A "Free for All" kind of Situation where eberybody just do as it pleases them without recourse to the Law.

We are not Barbarians.

this is a very bold initiative on the part of the Lagos state government which has Always always been pioneers of Developmental strides.

Lagos Always Leads before other States catch the wind and follow.

this step in curbing the menace of Noise pollution in lagos would sure be meet with resistance from organisations or people that goes fowl to this law but the Government should not be detered in this quest to restore Sanity and decorum to the state...

Noise Pollution is a very serious and devastating environmental hazard and this initiative and renewed drive by the government to curb this menace.

Churches must learn to keep their activities strictly within the confines of their worship centres.

churches these days are built in forms of domes and studios where all the noise remains inside the church.

mosques should desist from using Loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Night clubs and other social gatherings generally should be admonished to practice a Noise free activity.

this to me a move the populace should support the government to fighting.

it is long overdue but Nationa building is brick by brick and there is never a time that is too late to get it right.