One too many killings... a fulani Herdsmen case.

12-01-2018 | Politics |  

These killings are becoming one too many.

If truly the sambisa forest has been dislodged as a Boko Haram Enclave and the sect has lost grounds and territories then I think there is a possibility of a pocketful of Boko haram members disguising as herdsmen.

Before reclaiming territories from the insurgents, this fulani herdsmen killings had not skyrocketed this high to the roof and hence there is that slim chance some other people commit this crimes and hide under a general blanket of being herdsmen.

Herdsmen I know and I have seen really dont want trouble. They just want to look out for their cattles and thats it, even tho cattles and farming can never run in tandem and are supposed to be like two parallel lines that should never meet.

Herdsmen I have seen can not handle automatic assault rifles. Herdsmen are not dwellers or settlers. They roam. They dont lay claims to any land. They only thrive mostly in communities they are welcomed and move away once they face any opposition or resistance even if atimes they could be a hard nut to crack in the end they move with their cows.

These ones that are killing people are not ordinary herdsmen to me except you want to argue of more sophisticated herdsmen now tending to cattles.

I for one think remnants of boko haram are scattered here and there and since it is almost impossible for them to regroup then atleast this much havoc they can cause.

My arguement is because the aggression from time has always been from the eastern part of the North.. From Borno to Yobe to Adamawa to taraba down to Benue.

Lately, the Adamawa, Taraba and Benue killings have been on the rise since the Army locked down Borno and Yobe.

Now I think more Military intelligence is needed in Adamawa, Taraba and Benue.

Why I say this is because there are cattles in the western side of the North too and no case of fulani herdsmen in Zamfara or Kebbi or Sokoto.

There are cattles in the Central part of the North Kaduna, Kano, Katisna and Jigawa.

So my correlation is this. North central and Northwest are free of herdsmen attack maybe because real herdsmen are not violent and since North east has alway experienced infighting, they would always be plagued with violence of any type in any form under whatever guise, so maybe boko haram remnant trickled downwards north east.

For myself and I dont know about you. I cant eat rice without eating meat. I love suya. Herdsmen are my friend because they give me fura d'e nono. For the love of God Nigerians should leave herdsmen alone.

Just as we need farm produce, we also need milk and meat. We must look for an amicable 2 member equivalent solution and not make herdsmen outcast.

Anti grazing law that seems to be falsely working in Ekiti state might not work in Benue state. People should tread with caution before just enacting laws.

When Governor Ortom was passing the law in Benue state, he didnt take it to president Buhari to vet it. Now the law has backfired he is crying how President Buhari has abandoned him.

Nigerians must have a sense of "General good" and not just parochial mentalities.