Ohaneze's Call, Nigeria Change of Name and the Reality.

By OMA | 29-10-2019 | Politics |  

Will Nigeria just go to the International Court of Justice, Sign Affidavit and Swear to an Oath for a Change of Name


Most countries around the world including Ghana, Zimbabwe and others changed their names after gaining independence.

Keeping colonial names will have inhabitants have that inherent sense of dependence on their Colonial Master. Nothing wrong in changing Nigeria's name.

The colonial name of Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, Burkina Faso was Upper Volta, Ghana was Gold Coast,Tanzania was Tanganyika-Zanzibar, Benin Republic was Dahomey, Democratic Republic of Congo was Zaire.

There is need to eradicate every form of colonialism from our System and Stop Being people we are not to start being real people we are.

NIGERIA Is just a conglomeration of different States by the River Niger Area.

The River Niger is the Only thing that Defines The term Nigeria. Niger-Area

It is the Only thing all Nigerians have in common

It is Our Common Heritage.

We are Just different People Living Around the Niger-Area, Hence the Name Nigeria.

It goes beyound Changing our Name. We must agree.

You Can Never Work together unless you Agree.

It was Lugard that Agreed to the name Nigeria. Flora Shaw Proposed the Name. What was their Business, Wetin concern them. Name good ooo, e no good ooo, e no concern them as far as their business dey move.

Nigerians has Never in History Sat Together to Agree.

Best they Ever Did was the CONFAB and the reports are rottening away in some drawers at the Federal Secretariat.

If you Live Together and dont agree, Even The River Niger would Cease to be a blessing.

Once there is no agreement, Herdsmen would Kill Farmers. Igbos will NEVER Ever Trust Yorubas. Hausa's would Always leverage on their Born to Rule Mentality after all the Powers were Handed them at Independence...

Agreement between the constituent elements of Nigeria is much more imporatnt than any Change of Name.

Of course there must be agreement before there can be a Change of Name. Ohaneze can not change the Name Nigeria Overnight. Change to what?

Ohanaze is Just Beating about the Bush.

When Nigerians are Ready for a Country, The Volume would be louder.