Obasanjo's Letter. A case of Total Shock and Complete Disbelief

By OMA | 25-01-2018 | Politics |  

Kettle should Never be caught calling Pot Black.


That letter former President Obasanjo wrote Incumbent President Buhari can never sway me.

if President Buhari chooses to contest 2019 elections and he scores only just 1 vote. All of you should be rest assured that 1 vote came from me before Inec releases the identity of the voter.

Should President Buhari present himself for a second term I would have no choice but to #StandWithBuhari.

The Obasanjo letter left me in so much shock and disbelief.

shocked being that he obasanjo had in one time handled affairs of the country as CinC. I feel the letter was ill concieved and at best ill timed.

Being a former president I should expect the incumbent president is grappling with a Lot of National issues at the moment just as well as he attends to Personal issues.

lets not forget President Buhari has managed to keep focus despite his personal challenge of having his son Hospitalised far away in germany.

Obasanjo has sought to compound futher distractions to a man that has managed to be unshaken and focused even amidst adversaries.

for the sake of this writting, lets not forget this was an Obasanjo that wanted an illegitimate 3rd term mandate now trying to disenfranchise Buhari of his fundamental human rights to a legitimate 2nd term mandate.

Do we now say this is a perfect case of a kettle calling pot Black?.

I took my time to read thru all the pages of his letter line by line and I summarised to myself Obasanjo wants to constitute himself a god on Nigeria and Nigerians..

if not, what do you make of it when he says Goodluck Jonathan would never be president in Nigeria again?

is Obasanjo God? or does he know tommorow.

one place I should think he scored a point was on Nepotism. Yes! President Buhari has been very Nepotic on his appointments and really lopesided but then again, "Trust" is something you can never recommend for someone.

You can never recommend me to trust Mr A, cos my trust in him must have arisen from my dealings with him at some point in the past. However if you recommend me to trust someone based on your own dealings with such persons, that "Trust" becomes "Blind-Trust" to me or at best a recommendation. People take to recommendations differently

one area that got me really irritated and offended was where Obasanjo was politicking around President Buhari's health.

I have seen feable and weak looking people survive bad circumstances even healthy looking people could not withstand.

I have seen healthy looking people drop down and collapse to faint or die with no prior sign.

so again I ask? Is obasanjo God the giver and sustainer of life and health. or is he a Medical doctor or Buhari's personal Doctor to advice on health?

playing politics and dancing to the gallery on issues bothering on President Buhari's health is a very low one coming from a supposed elderstateman. I am dissapointed to say the least.

I was left in shock and disbelief cos I know it is easier to critise when you are looking from the stands but in the arena and field of play it is an entirly different ball game and Obasanjo of all people should know that.

leading me to the other points Obasanjo mentioned in his infamous letter to my President and the Peoples president Muhammadu Buhari.

on issues of president Buhari condoning the people of his cabinet.

when he Obsanjo was horse rider from 1999, wasnt he seen as condoning his friends and chasing his enemies alone with EFCC.. objectivity is needed.

when he raised the issue of Fulani Hersmen / crop farmers face-off.

To me, I think that is a good place to start with.

let me say it all sounds rethoric anytime this present administration lay blames on past administration. Its the truth and sad reality.

if since 1999 we had a government with foresight that planned ahead, today we wouldnt have issues of Fulani herdsmen attack.

lets start by focusing beam lights on the Ecological funds. these are funds set aside for environmental or natural disasters.

people generally believe a fulani man is president so the fulani's are so uncontrollable and now go around killing people with their fulani brother president not willing to do nothing about it.

that is not the case. Nigeria from the Far North is under attack by the ever encrouching desert. the desert is encrouching on all the aerable lands in the North and eleven front Northern states are under attack by the Desert.

Because these Herdsmen are being attacked by the Desert, they are forced into Migrating further down south.

lets just simply put. Nigeria is shrinking from the North as a result of Desertification and also shrinking from the south as a result of rise in ocean levels leading to migrating pressure on the middle blet region of the country causing frictions and tension and agitation all thanks to Climate change and global warming which is not Fulani herdsmen made.

Dubai was rescued from the Desert. Meaning to say you can fight a desert and reclaim the land.

if obasanjo and Jonathan had properly utilised the Ecological funds, they should have fought the Deserts stand still ravaging 11 northern states hereby forcing herdsmen to migrate.

obasanjo shouldnt be writting letters as if he were a saint or has no blames in all of what is happening.

President Buhari is the only president facing 4 chronic security challenges namely Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, Kidnapping and Armed banditry and keeping the peace in the South- south. Every other administration since 1999 faced a maximum of only 2 out of the 4 president Buhari is facing. All 4 security challenges President buhari is facing predates his regime and non directly is as a result of his own administartions fault.

Past administrations had not helped this present administration in any way. president Buhari cleaning up all their mess and paving a way through reinvigourating and re-inflating the economy is no mere feat but an Herculean task.

the man only Promised Change and not Magic. President Buhari is not a magician to just swipe a magical wand and all the problems in and with Nigeria disappears over night. Change atimes could be slow. change is a process. change takes time. change could come with pain.

comparing APC less than 4 years with PDP's 16 years of waste is yet another fallacy.

you cant compare a score card of less than 4 years with a failed score card of 16 years.

Saying the APC is no different from the PDP is like pitching Nigeria against herself.

I dare to say! The Worst of APC is far better than the Best of the PDP wasted years.

under this regime Electricity has peaked 7000 megawatts, best of PDP was mere 4000

We are begining to hear of railways and rail transport under this government. Something that was dead and buried under PDP.

There is beginning to be relative ease to doing business in Nigeria unlike under the PDP days.

There is diversification of the Economy, atleast we no longer import rice from thailand no more. People are begining to realise there is pride in agriculture which wasnt there in the PDP era.

obasanjo thru his letter should not derail the fragile recovery process Buhari has managed to put in place so far.

Herdsmen are on rampage today because of acute shortage of water and vegetation to graze on In the North.. if Obasanjo had fought desertification during his tenure with the ecological funds, Nigeria would not be having this conflict of Herdsmen/crop farmers he made mention about In his letter.

Former President obasanjo should realise he can not be a dictator all the time otherwise it would amount to him ruling Nigeria from the backyard still getting that 3rd term he always wanted.

Obasanjo Should please leave Buhari alone.

On that Note, it is #SaiBaba2019 InshaAllah God's willing and God spearing our lives.

Note: if obasanjo wants to cause a divide to have people choose between himself and Buhari. I would 100% take sides with Buhari without fear or favour irrespective of ethnicity, tribe , region, religion.