Obasanjo sings a different tune, Praises President Buhari

By OMA | 20-02-2018 | Politics |  

After writing that critical letter of Buhari's Administration.


The same former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo that had been so critical and had written a damning letter of the Buhari's Administration had turned around to praise President Muhammadu Buhari for achieving what he described as "Huge Success" in a vital area where previous administration including his couldn't make headway.

Obasanjo made this known while speaking at the ceremony for the construction of Azikel Refinery, which happens to be the first ever official private modular refinery in the Niger-Delta region.

Obasanjo described this feet as "Commendable", Buhari's administration decision to award operational licenses to 22 firms for the construction of modular refineries.

Obasanjo recalled that 18 of such licenses were approved under his administration but none of them was able to actualise the dream unlike the present Buhari's administration.

Obasanjo was quoted by leadership newspaper as below

" I join you all in thanking president Buhari for giving four licenses more than we gave and he (Buhari) is lucky that he has a man like Eruani to be the only one to actualise."