Now that Buhari is up for 2019

By OMA | 16-04-2018 | Politics |  

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Now that President Mohammadu Buhari has decided to present himself to be re-elected come February 2019, we his enthusiast must gear-up and get running.

I only pity for Buhari's opponent come 2019. Such opponent would regret ever being persuaded to run against the people's president. Such opponent would record the worst ever defeat in an election that Guiness books of records would run out of terms to quantify the colossal loss.

In the past we have seen close margins of say 1st position wins with 18million votes and 2nd position was 16 million votes, but this time I assure you it would be a "LANDSLIDE" Slide victory, something like coasting to Glory.

It would be in range of 1st position APC Muhammadu Buhari wins with 24 million votes while 2nd position scored 6million votes.

It would be that bad. It would be as if a volcano and a tornado agreed to strike same spot at the same time.

Buhari would even have a reasonable chunk of the votes from the South-South and South-East, his main opposition strong hold..

Forget Obadanjo and Babangida, Buhari still has Abdulsalam as the unbiased umpire by his side.

Sowore of Sahara reporters is just being childish.

Atiku can not pull the weight Buhari can. Kwankwaso cant face Buhari when push comes to shove. Donald Duke is no match. Sule Lamido knows he is joking. Bukola Saraki knows the rules of engagement. Even the 48 laws of power asks 'Never outshine your master'.

Unfortunately for the wailers, Nigerians are locked between Buhari and Buhari.

Promising the Igbos 2023 is a hard sell but believe me, some igbos are already buying it. Senator Hope Uzodinmma already throwed his weight behind the Buhari brand if thats what brings succor to the igbos come 2023.