Nnamdi Kanu Sudden Reappearance and 2019 Permutations.

By OMA | 19-10-2018 | Politics |  

He is not dead as insinuated

Nnamdi Kanu

9th wonder of the world in a twist of fate might be what most political observers might call the recent development as the sudden re-emergence of the self accalimed leader of the Indegeous People of Biafra Maazi Nnamdi Kanu whom speculations were rife to have had him killed by the Nigerian Army eleven months ago during the Operation Python Dance in his home town in Abia State.

Today tho, Nnamdi Kanu was spoted praying in Jerusalem and had photo shots with some loyalist and fans of the Biafran state agitator.

Nnamdi Kanu until now had been taken for dead but his sudden re-emergence might also be seen in some other quota's as a way of spliting the votes from the South-East in what is seeming to be a contest too close for comfort between Alhaji Atiku abubakar and incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

Different observers have been reacting differently. One such reaction was from Joe Igbokwe who in a tweet wrote

"Nnamdi Kanu, the playboy is in Jerusalem enjoying his life..

Other people were more particular about the personalities of his sureties that stood for Nnamdi to meet his Bail conditions.

One thing is certain tho, in the days to come, a lot of intrigues would unfold as Nnamdi Kanu is slated to make a live broadcast on Sunday by 6pm.

We here at would bring these intrigues to our readers as they unfold.

One thing is certain. Another round of drama just got kick started.