Nnamdi Kanu Bargains for Safety to Resume Trials.

By OMA | 31-10-2019 | Politics |  

After Jumping Bail

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After Jumping Bail, Nnamdi Kanu through his legal counsel has bargained for Safety for their client for him to resume Court Trials.

In the response that seems to be circulating online,

It seems Justice Binta Nyako made a mock of Nnamdi in her response by responding thus

"Even Judges are being Kidnapped in the Country and hence Prison is the Only place that can guarantee Nnamdi Kanu's Safety"...

As if to say to hos counsel... You can npt jump bail then come back to plead for Safety before you resume your Trial.

It is left to See if Nnamdi would attend the next Court hearing after the case was adjuned till January 2020.