Nnamdi Kanu and Amotekun Dissconnect

By OMA | 26-01-2020 | Politics |  

Amotekun must beware of wolves in sheep clothing


Easier said than Done. Talk is Cheap. Everything is Mouth, Mouth, Mouth. Audio no Video.

I can Never Believe it that Nnamdi Kanu has Spare One Million men Kept somewhere he is willing to Support Amotekun With..

If Nnamdi Kanu Alone is willing to Donate One Million Men to Amotekun, then by extrapolations, he should atleast have over 5million Men for his Own Biafra Secret Service Outfit, that is if BSS ever see's the light of day..

Cheap talks that are dead on arrival. Blasphemy in most cases..

Nnamdi Kanu and Femi Fani Kayode has the same type of wire sparking in their brain, they need a rewire to help them check if some wires in their brain are bridged and causing their head to spark, so that when they talk, they just talk arrant nonsense and confuse their gullible followers.

If you listen and follow either Nnamdi Kanu or Femi Fani Kayode, or Omoyele Sowore or their new recruit Deji Adeyanju, I am so sorry to say our level of reasoning and wavelengths can never ever have any convergence.

Bunch'a oppourtunist capitalising of frailty of the system to exploit and manupulate their likes whom dont know their left from their right..

Nnamdi Kanu that should be thinking of how he will Make the souls of his Departed parents rest in peace, that should be thinking of giving his parents a befitting burial, after he exposed them to so much stress and sent them to untimely grave, is still the one uttering unguarded and unwarranted, unsolicited mischievous claims..

If Nnamdi Kanu truly has One million men to spare, then it means there is real trouble in the land.

The Amotekun initiative is a loudable initiative from the Governors of the south west, but they would do well from dissociating the South West security outfit from Criminal elements who would want to Hub-nob and hide under the guise of suppourt for Amotekun, to Preach divisiveness and Hate.

The Governors must now dissociate vendors and peddlers of Hate-speech and sanitise Amotekun.

There are lingering fears and apprehensions in other parts of the Country. To lay all these fears about Amotekun to rest, The South west Governors must dissociate from Elements Such Nnamdi Kanu.

Reports are filtering in that President Buhari would prefer Amotekun be integrated into the National Security Master plan he unveiled not too long ago.

We must therefore do our best to seperate a security network from a bunch of criminal elements that if care is not taken might hijack the outfit to perpetrate their nefarious acts...

Amotekun is to Provide Security and not to Habour Criminals.