Nigerians suffered Fuel Scarcity all cos a group wanted Tax-Holidays

By OMA | 04-01-2018 | Politics |  

Tax holidays or waivers or incentives or subsidy are all to me birds of same feathers.


Going by a vanguard report I read on nairaland written by a certain Michael Eboh

It has come to fore why Nigerians suffered fuel scarcity for over a period of 3 weeks or there about spanning all through the festivities of Christmas and early New years.

The report suggested that the meeting held at the office of the minister of state for petroleum Ibe Kachukwu was for a fact finding mission to determine and ascertain the remote causes of the scarcity and profer solutions why it should never re-occur.

The report indicated that no party was interested in increasing pump price of PMS but the importers of the product sort some sort of Tax holidays from the Federal government.

To me, Tax holidays and incentives sounds alike and synonymous with Subsidy.

Importers, marketers and government should decide on what price should be and not have a member in the chain of this oil business arm-twist or sabotage efforts for continuous supply of products to end users without having them suffer interruptions.

At this rate I suspect something is amis and something is fishy, apparently it seems #145 per liter can no longer hold and this position cant be related to the public, if not, why asking for incentives to do your work? Why ask for tax holiday?

Nigerians should really be asking questions.