Nigerians and Court Dramas.

By OMA | 08-12-2019 | Politics |  

Acting Drama is ineveitable when you are on the wrong side of the law.


Olisa Metuh acted drama in the court.

Maina acted Drama in the Court.

Dino Melaye is a professional Actor.

Ayodele Fayose has acted several series sevrally.

Drama is not a new thing.

When you are on the wrong side of the law, its only natural you resort to drama.

Sowore will not be an exception In the league of drama actors only that his own drama is award winning cos he acted it on international scene.

Nigerians are easily carried away by drama.

All the Drama Dino Melaye was acting, where did the drama lead Dino.

Or have we forgotten Dino Series in such a hurry.

Dino, a serving Nigerian Senator then sleeping on bare floor in DSS Facility.

Dino on stretcher. Dino on tree. Dino this, Dino that.

Dino's drama in short was what Nigerians loved most about him on the floor of the senate and nothing else.

Nigerians buy drama series a lot.

Dino Jumped out a moving van that was transporting him to Court in Lokoja from Abuja.

Dino that Hid ontop A tree.

Dino that looked himseld up 8 days in his maitama residence when police went to look for him.

Dino that fainted in Court.

What drama did Dino not act?

Or is it Ayodele Fayose's Drama.

Or is it Olisah Metuhs drama in court.

Check Dino, check Olisah Metuh, Check Pension Boss Maina, they all acted Drama in court.

Acting drama in court is for so many reasons, seek sympathy mostly.

Like the people that pretend to be sick in court, they think that can influence the Judge.

A lot of drama takes place in court ooo.

You see, Sowore is well aware of this fact, he knew there were Camera's in court, him and his crew looked at it that it was a perfect place to stage a drama.

Sowore and his co-actors started acting on international stage. Best movie 2019 I must tell you but drama never deters justice or Truth.

Well, im siping my tea and the reports now are that DSS has asked sensible Nigerians to go and watch the 9 minutes video and show them which of their man was inside court with Sowore.

Which DSS Carried a Gun Inside court dragging Sowore.

DSS has said it is drama.

Online Sowore e-warriors eh ma pa ara yin ooo. Sowore Freedom fighters abeg make una no kill una sef ooo. Na drama oga dey act. If you buy the movie, e no concern me.

What do you expect from a drowing man? A drowning man would cling even to a straw...

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu acted so many drama in during his court sessions while he was undergoing trials before he escaped into exile..

Sowore's Drama will in no way sway me from standing with what is just.

A Revolution is not the way to tackle Nigeria's problem. Its like cutting off the head cos you have an headache.

Sowore and DSS, Lets see who blinks first.

OMA Public affairs analyst