Nigerian Police or Publicity Experts?

29-11-2018 | Politics |  

Some Arrests are Deterant, Some are Encouragement

Deji Adeyanju

I wonder why the Nigerian Police always plays into the hands of miscreants by offering them cheap fame and publicity.

Someone once told me to be a successful Social Media Influencer in Nigeria, you must at some point or the other must have been arrested by the Police. I refused to buy into such assertions but it turns out to be true in the face of it.

My thinking is that Deji Adeyanju being Arrested would only make him more Popular and have him get more credence from his teaming followers and support base.

Nigerian Police should seive true apprehensions from Promoting Opposition political voices.

The Arrest of Deji Adeyanju is one I believe has given more bite to an hitherto rally that wouldnt have made as much herald as it were after being arrested by the Nigerian Police...

More so most often being that the Police usually succumbs to pressure to release the hitherto suspect held on charges that dont hold water.

Deji Adeyanju is a clear case of Un-necessary Arrest in a thriving Democracy where people should be left with their views and opinions.

In my Opinion, I believe Deji Adeyanju has just been made more popular by this recent arrest than the Arrest serving as a deterant to any such subssequent agitating voice from perceived members of the Opposition party..

This can be likened to the case in 2015 where AIT decided to aor defamatory documentaries on the person of Muhammadu Buhari while forgetting to promote Goodluck as their intentions were.

Problem was, their focus was more on Buhari rather than promoting Jonathan and it turned out with all the Bad Publicity aired at tanishing Buhari's Image, Buhari still came out victorious I the Elections that year.

Where am I driving at? Some strategies Back-fire and never achieve their original intent instead achieves the exact opposite.

This One Arrest of Deji Adeyanju would not Tame the Lion in Deji but only make the beast more Feast.

Some strategies shoukd be thought over.