Namadi Sambo pays Visit to Muhammadu Buhari. Do the Political Mathematics

By OMA | 21-03-2018 | Politics |  

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namadi sambo

Going by accounts of the journalist at the Presidential villa, former president Namadi Sambo was seen at Aso Rock today Teusday 20th March in a move speculated to be a political visit to President Muhammadu Buhari.

At the time scheduled for his departure he was said not to have disclosed reasons for his suprise visit to president Buhari.

Former vice president Sambo met pruding and inquiry of inqusitive journalist with numb answers, saying his meeting was a private visit to the president and hence should be kept as such.

The meeting was reported to have started on the dot of noon mid-day.

Most political observers are already running a calculation of a possible defection of the former vice president to Goodluck Jonathan from the PDP to the ruling APC.