N-Power Moved to New Ministry. Expect October Payments Soon.

By OMA | 15-11-2019 | Politics |  

Social Investment Programme


Following the Nigerian Federal Governments intervention Through the Social Investment Programes, seeking to Train Youths and Empower them for greater oppourtunities, The Government Introduced the N-Power Programme and has admitted two batches in the 2016 and 2017 intakes.

However, The cordinators of the programme has decried that Beneficiaries seems not to be paying rapt attention to the scheme with either most of the beneficiaries absconding from their place of primary assignment or cases of already employed people taking up space supposedly to be for the unemployed graduates.

The Social Investment Program has Since been shifted from the Office of the Vice President to the Newly created Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Managment and Social Development and expecting to take these Federal Government Intervention to enviable heights.

This Was the Reason the October Stipends seemed to have been delayed.

Monitoring a statement put out regarding the October Stipends, the newly created Ministry stated that October payments would commence November 12th to 15th, Stating that All Payments has been sent through NBBS.

On the issue of the 2016 N-Power Batch intakes, the Ministry urged them to dispel any rumours of Disengament by December 2019, Stating that The Federal Government has not made known any date of Such.