Muslim-Muslim Ticket. Are we Ready?

By OMA | 08-11-2018 | Politics |  

Where Religion Intersects Politics.


I have always been of the opinion that the best and capable people should be the one entrusted to deliver on the Job but complexities in our system suggests otherwise.

Quota system, Geopolitical regions, Religion and other criteria are used to select officials to pilot our affairs and so it has been since time immemorial in Nigeria.

Coming to the Issue of Kaduna state being a North-Central state vis-a-vis a state dominated by almost equivalent numbers of Christain and Muslim Population with all colouration of ethnicity present, From Southern Zaria's, to Hausa to Igbos to Yorubas, Baaju, Kaje and all have we.

Tongues are beginning to wag on the choice of Muslim-Muslim ticket embarked upon by the Executive Governor of Kaduna State.

Being that Kaduna just went thru a round of crisis owing to the Death of a certain royal father of Agom Kingdom and also knowing the volatility and spontaneity Kaduna usually uses in exploding at the slightest provocations, it is now then note worthy to examine if Mallam Nasir El-Rufai thought it thru before embarking on his choice of a Muslim-Muslim Ticket for such a state as Kaduna.

I would Advice the Executive Governor of Kaduna State Not to test the Dept of the River with Both feets.

The big question comes begging. .

Is Kaduna State Ripe for a Muslim-Muslim Ticket?